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CategoryA03. Cars & Automotive Products & Services
Idea Creation TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TYO INC Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 BIRDMAN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tetsuya Umeda TBWA\HAKUHODO Copywriter/Planner
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Chief Creative Officer
Takahiro Hosoda TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Creative Director
Takaya Masuda TBWA\HAKUHODO Art Director
Kazuaki Kuribayashi TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Planner
Hideyuki Kobayashi TBWA\HAKUHODO PR Planner
Hirotaka Fukatsu TBWA\HAKUHODO Agency Producer
Kaoru Otani TBWA\HAKUHODO Agency Producer
Takuma Fujii TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Supervisor
Kazuoki Uedo TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Producer
Shogo Ushiyama TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Producer
Yoshiki Okayasu TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Director
Akihiro Okamoto TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Director
Kentaro Ito TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Executive
Mari Nakasu TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Executive
Hideaki Hamatani TYO inc Production Company Head Producer
Kenichi Shimada TYO inc Producer
Masato Goto TYO inc Director
Junichi Inoue TYO inc Director (Making movie)
Syuhei Onaga Freelance Cinematographer
Ayako Ogawa TYO inc Production Manager
Daisuke Murayama TYO inc Production Manager
Roy Ryo Tsukiji BIRDMAN Inc. Creative Director (Device)
Takeru Kobayashi BIRDMAN Inc. Technical Director,Device Engineer
Yohei Kajiwara BIRDMAN Inc. Device Engineer
Takumi Saito BIRDMAN Inc. Device Engineer
Takuro Ito BIRDMAN Inc. Interactive Production Director
Akane Inada BIRDMAN Inc. Production Manager
Alexandre Zabava Kartz Media Works PR Staff
Kaori Koizumi Kartz Media Works PR Staff

The Campaign

INTELLIGENT PARKING CHAIR. We incorporated Nissan’s self-parking technology into an office chair. At the end of a meeting, with a simple clap of the hand, these office chairs automatically return to their original positions to ‘self-park.’ We installed this innovative technology into different office chairs in some companies. This was a great way to offer a first-hand demonstration of Nissan’s self-parking technology in a very familiar everyday life setting. The news of this office chair instantly spread across the globe.


STEP1 Developed office chairs using Nissan’s self-parking technology. STEP2 Delivered the office chairs to 20 companies who had expressed prior interest. STEP3 Users of this office chair were requested to film their experience (due to information security reasons, we had the companies to shoot for themselves). The footage was edited into a web movie. STEP4 Simultaneously with the web movie release, we presented the Intelligent Parking Chair at the largest Nissan showroom in Japan. A huge crowd gathered to see the chair overwhelming the regular new models, and the display resulted in attaining the highest ever number of showroom visitors.

INTELLIGENT PARKING CHAIR led to behavioral change among the audience for whom the top-of-mind company of self-parking and self-driving technology became Nissan, giving a major boost to Nissan’s corporate strategy. - Movie received over 20MM views - Over 1000+ counts of media exposure - 1Million shares and retweets + in over 60 country - Earned media value of $ 30+million - Visitors to Nissan’s show room increased by over 200% year on year - Sales of the X-Trail, which is equipped with this technology, went up by 120% - Became the top-of-mind company of self-driving technology

The Situation

1. It’s a new form of “Tech PR”. Intelligent Parking Chair was an attempt to break new ground in Technology PR. We came up with a different PR strategy to create buzz in a daily-life setting using a ‘self-parking chair’. Once the chair captured people’s interests, it automatically got the attention on the self-Parking Assist technology for cars. 2. It caused perception/behavioral change. The Intelligent Parking Chair led to perception/behavioral change among the audience for whom the top-of-mind company of self-parking and self-driving technology became Nissan, giving a major boost to Nissan’s corporate strategy.

The Strategy

The feverish competition among various car companies boasting about their self-parking technologies made the difference so obscure that the consumers began ignoring them. So we came up with an unusual strategy to demonstrate Nissan’s technology in a daily-life setting instead of a regular Nissan showroom. The consumer insight we tapped into to promote the self-parking technology was that “putting back office chairs into their original positions after a meeting is a pain in the neck.” Using Nissan’s technology, we decided to create office chairs that can ‘self-park’ back into its original position. We believed that solving the “parking problem” in offices would allow us to communicate Nissan’s technology and its benefit in a very distinctive way from other car manufacturers. We then set out to develop an unforeseen office chair, dedicating the pride of the automaker that pioneered in inventing the self-parking technology.


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