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Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yusuke Shimano Creative Director
Hiroshi Sasaki Creative Director
Akihiro Fukube Creative Director
Akihiro Hamabe Watch Creative Director
Yusuke Koyanagi Art Director
Takuya Fujita Planner
Kenta Isobe Planner
Nanako Tani Planner
Rina Kitagawa Planner
Yoshiaki Sakashita Planner
Mizuki Kawano Taiyo Planner
Mananori Nakamura Account Executive
Ryo Nagasawa producer
teppei ohno Taiyo producer
Yuriko Tanaka taki corporation designer
Seruzio Nishida digital art director
Daisuke Baba producer
Takaki Wada shipoo producer

The Campaign

“New Prius re-examined all its parts from zero and drastically evolved its functions. However, young people who are the target were not interested in cars and the various functions of Prius. What connected the two was “turning parts into characters”. By having famous illustrators in Japan turn functions and parts of Prius into game characters which young people like, many young people successfully became interested in Prius. In addition, fans were attracted through the game and anime. Design of dealers was also largely changed. Young people were attracted to Toyota dealers through the characters.”


The promotion went on from January to March 2016. It was first announced in news releases and newspaper advertisements. Later, digital campaigns using SNS was implemented to further increase fans. As fans were publicizing their original illustrations and songs, promotion measures that utilize fan support were implemented, such as sharing the contributions to Twitter, etc.

Website of Prius was accessed by more than 6 million people. The campaign became the largest viral campaign of Toyota in the world. Number of young people visiting Toyota dealers increased by 30% and test drive also increased by 20%. Sales of Prius was more than 8 times of the projection, achieving No.1 sales in Japan. This campaign successfully created the perception of “cars are fun!” among young people in Japan. It improved young people’s lack of interest in cars.

The Situation

The automobile industry had a big trouble, because young people didn`t have concerns for cars. Though the automobile is a biggest industry in Japan. TOYOTA tried to promote PRIUS for young people. so,we had to change the perceptions and attitude of youth. Finally, this campaign has succeed to archive it. PRIUS got No.1 sales in Japan.

The Strategy

Communication was implemented by turning Prius parts into game characters that young people like. The plan was to gain attraction among young people and to make them interested in the performance and functions of Prius as they got to know the characters more and more. Young people who are the target play games and watch anime on a regular basis, and it was aimed for such people who are not interested in cars to come in contact with the contents on their own accord.


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