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Product / ServiceDB EXPORT
CategoryA01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Neville Doyle Colenso BBDO Planning Director
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Creative Chairman
Brodie Reid Colenso BBDO Senior Business Director
Scott Chapman Colenso BBDO Senior Producer
Brett Colliver Colenso BBDO Senior Art Director
Jen Storey Colenso BBDO Head of Broadcast
Nick Harvey Colenso BBDO Experiential Business Director
Andy Blood Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director
Matt Lawson Colenso BBDO Copywriter
Angela Watson Colenso BBDO Head of Account Management
Lucy Grigg Colenso BBDO Project Director
Andy McLeish Colenso BBDO Head of Planning
Tim Bullock Scoundrel Director
n/a SparkPHD Media Agency
n/a Spark PR PR Agency
Andy Routley DB Breweries Managing Director
Maud Meijboom-van Wel DB Breweries Marketing Director
Sean O'Donnell DB Breweries Marketing Director
Tony Wheeler DB Breweries Marketing Manager
Simon Vicars Colenso BBDO Creative Group Head
Andre Sallowicz Colenso BBDO Creative Group Head

The Campaign

We needed to remind mainstream beer drinkers that DB Export was the perfect everyday beer choice for everyday Kiwi blokes. Instead of following the category conventions of bombarding Kiwi blokes with clichéd beer campaigns that try to give them a rational REASON to pick one brand over another, we went in a completely different direction. We were in a position to give them a playful, but noble, EXCUSE to drink DB Export. DB Export BREWTROLEUM. We created the world’s first ‘beer by-product’ petrol by turning leftover yeast slurry into 300,000 litres of planet-saving biofuel - DB Export Brewtroleum - and convinced a national petrol station chain to sell it. The idea was so simple. The more beer you drink, the more you’re doing for the planet. It was the ultimate incentive to buy.


We seeded the story with local media who doubted that a beer brand could do something ridiculous. Once they were hooked we invited leading media outlets to show how the product could actually be used. • The country’s most watched current affairs show powered a lawnmower live on TV • We powered an entire comedy show at peak viewing time • We challenged sports reporters to test Brewtroleum by riding motorized cooler boxes and a Brewtroleum powered boat Brewtroleum then rolled out to 62 Gull petrol stations nationally for six weeks with a Brewtroleum petrol tanker and branded pumps. A channel in itself. Global media ran the story and fuelled even more awareness with consumers also taking advantage of on-pack/on-pump promotions. A perfect self-fulfilling customer journey. Kiwi men were encouraged to keep drinking to ensure our supply didn’t run dry through TV, digital video, social and media partnerships – driving awareness and delivering longevity.

The campaign was seen by 96% of New Zealand men, thanks to 160+ pieces of coverage locally and internationally, across television, radio, print, online and social, delivering an ROI of 9:1. Against a target to grow DB Export sales +5% YOY, sales since the campaign launch are up 10% YOY. But, more importantly, the product is selling at a higher price point, which has a far greater effect on profit. DB Export is now the fastest growing brand in the DB portfolio, with growth more than doubling hero brand Heineken, becoming the best-selling beer in New Zealand. Brand measures have also improved significantly: ‘Great brand for me’ Target: from 7% - 10%: Achieved: 12% ‘Innovation’ Target: from 9% - 11% Achieved: 14% ‘Brand Approval’ Target: from 7% - 9% Achieved: 10% SAVING THE WORLD: That objective is ongoing but we continue to do our bit. One beer at a time

The Situation

At the heart of our campaign was a great idea - turning brewing waste into a biofuel called DB Export Brewtroleum. But Brewtroleum’s success was very much thanks to a carefully crafted communications strategy of Paid, Owned and Earned working together to get blokes talking about our brand, giving them an excuse to drink more beer, and driving them to ‘save the world’. Much more than a stunt, our planet-saving biofuel was rolled out nationwide in tandem with a multi-phased PR campaign driving local and global buzz. The campaign far exceeded planned PR KPIs, delivering an ROI of 9:1.

The Strategy

Our target audience was All Beer Drinkers. Keeping the audience broad was essential to driving maximum business growth. The communications strategy was to launch the story with PR, organic social and earned media so our drinkers would hear about Brewtroleum in the news or from their mates first. We’d then use paid media to magnify the message and remind blokes to buy DB Export. This broke down as follows: 1. Introduce NZ to Brewtroleum; the story of how it worked through PR and earned media 2. Make it real; Tell NZ where they could buy it, showcase tankers delivering it and create interest in Brewtroleum petrol stations through PR and earned media 3. Amplify the story with a call to arms; telling beer drinkers that they could help save the world by drinking more DB Export through paid media.