Product / ServiceCLORETS MINT TAB
CategoryC09. Use of New Technology
Production AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 KAYAC Kanagawa, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Isamu Nakamura McCann Erickson Japan Executive Creative Director
Shun Matsuzaka McCann Erickson Japan Creative Planner
Ryosuke Yoshitomi McCann Erickson Japan Creative Planner
Akihiro Orimo McCann Erickson Japan Planner
Shinji Endo McCann Erickson Japan Art Director
Natsumi Iwasaki McCann Erickson Japan Art Director
Haruki Takeuchi McCann Erickson Japan Account Executive
Asuka Mima McCann Erickson Japan Account Executive
Miyoko Ohki McCann Worldgroup Japan PR Director
Taisuke Shirasawa AOI Pro. Producer
Taro Fumizono AOI Pro. Production Manager
Hideaki Nakajima AOI Pro. Production Manager
Ryo Ota AOI Pro. Director
Daisuke Takahashi Freelance Director of Photography
Naoki Noda Freelance Lighting Director
Atsushi Sasaki AOI Pro. Data Analysis Producer
Yosuke Ito Business Architects Inc. Database Producer
Naohiro Kitagawa KAYAC Inc. Web Producer
Manami Ozawa KAYAC Inc. Web Designer
Nanako Chida KAYAC Inc. Web Designer
Makiko Sakamoto KAYAC Inc. Front Engineer
Shun Sakamoto KAYAC Inc. System Engineer
Yoshiyuki Hinohara KAYAC Inc. Copywriter
Rina Tanaka KAYAC Inc. Production Manager

The Campaign

To communicate Clorets Mint Tab’s benefit of “instant refreshment that lasts long for 10 minutes” using a wholly inventive approach, we built the world’s most innovative creator ourselves, from scratch. Its name was “AI-CD ?”, the first-ever artificial intelligence that can give creative direction to make commercials.


To build the A.I., we looked at some 1,000 award-winning TV works from the past 10 years and tagged them with original tags, then broke down and analyzed them to find out what makes a good TV commercial. An algorithm was created from the result. By entering the creative brief, the A.I. will write out the creative direction in calligraphy. We then created a website where people could see the commercials made by the human creator and the A.I. without knowing which was made by which creative director. The campaign took the form of a nationwide poll asking viewers to vote on the commercial that more effectively messaged the product benefit.

The world’s first head-to-head creative battle between an A.I. and a human creator became big news and attracted the attention of the world right out of the gate, resulting in media exposure worth more than 50MM yen. In the end, the ads reached over 20MM people through TV, newspaper, and online. The best result?over 97% of people that voted for the campaign responded that they now want to buy Clorets Mint Tab.

The Situation

This is an integrated campaign that featured artificial intelligence entering the realm of creativity, which was considered to be yet still difficult in the near future. The campaign aimed to attract buzz and attention by having the A.I. create an actual commercial and pitting the resulting work against the work of a human creative director. We were also able to get viewers to watch both commercials closely by making people want to see for themselves whether there really was no limit to what A.I.s can do.

The Strategy

To ensure that the product’s message was communicated effectively, we had the A.I. and a human creative director both create commercials based on the same brief. A nationwide poll will decide which commercial is more successful in communicating the product’s benefit of “instant refreshment that lasts long for 10 minutes.” By asking users to vote on which commercial more effectively communicated the product benefit, we succeeded in getting users to focus their attention and ensured that the message was fully delivered.


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