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Steven Shi FleishmanHillard Senior Account Executive

The Campaign

PR was tasked with leading the makeover for a new generation of consumers in a way that uniquely engaged them and brought the brand to life for a new time. We built a bold social-driven campaign around the incarnation of the new Rejoice’s attributes and appeal to young consumers, anointing one of the most popular young celebrities ? whose trademark hair epitomizes young chic style ? as the brand’s (and industry’s) first ever celebrity executive: CSO, for “Chief Smooth Officer.” In this breakout role, our spokesperson authentically animated Rejoice’s unique selling proposition, and engaged his army of established and new fans and beyond in making Rejoice a brand for their generation.


We held an electrifying announcement event at W Hotel in Bejiing, inviting over 200 fans, 80 China key media and 15 top tier KOLs to jointly witness as P&G executives welcomed YY as the first celebrity executive – the Rejoice Chief Smooth Officer. We live-broadcasted the event with app ME, which was a first in the hair category among P&G brands and created a tsunami of public attention. With all the audience’s curiosity, we blew out another set of CSO descriptors: Charm, Smooth and Only. Through the “Finding the Charming Girl” game session and New “Ultralight Conditioner” demonstration, the event emphasized that the new charm of airy smooth hair only available through Rejoice. After our “fake ending” of the event, the audiences were all surprised by a bonus element, as a making-of video from Yang Yang’s coming MV of Hair Dance began to roll, creating a perfect and compelling ending.

The launch event drove a phenomenally shining response in traditional and social media, with 85 media titles attending and 592 clippings achieved. Our live broadcasting via ME app attracted more than 1,000,000 online viewers in real-time and a total viewership of over 3,000,000. The AD Value reached USD $31,918,866, while the social impression was USD $16,060,420,714. The CSO launch event became one of the most discussed topics among the young generation on social media, and the public’s brand conception of Rejoice has become younger, more modern and premium. ‘I suddenly realize that REJOICE is now much cuter than I thought…’ - @nEILjIA ‘Rejoice CSO Yang Yang is so adorable, envy that girl could enjoy his hair play!! I use Rejoice immediately, next time find me as your endorser @Rejoice’ - @MRaneeL ‘Thanks Rejoice… you finally help me realize how to use conditioner right’ -@7LeilaJ

The Situation

Spikes is a professional and international award among Communications industry, generating lots of successful cases since it founded. The Rejoice CSO Launch Event is a brand- building event that rejuvenates Rejoice’s traditional image into a young and modern brand with integrated communication strategies, including live event, live broadcasting, celebrity endorsement, digital and print media reporting and so on. These strategies strongly matches with PR Spikes, hopefully needed to be assessed by your respected award organization.

The Strategy

Through research, we learned what our target consumer wants and believes – principally that the single-function hair products like old Rejoice products are "so yesterday." Instead, they expect hair products that provides “airy smoothness” for optimal feel and performance. New Rejoice Ultra-light Conditioner answers this demand, taking airy smoothness to a new level with ingredients that enliven hair’s roots and tips. We understood the growing power of celebrities and followers in FMCG industry, and the exquisite hair, along with the fresh-chic and overwhelming fan-base and appeal of actor Yang Yang among our target. These insights led us to a strategy focused on: • Personifying Rejoice and its airy smoothness experience through the right celebrity spokesperson to convey the modern and premium brand’s younger, cuter relevance to a new generation. • Authentically connecting our spokesperson with the brand by making him the first celebrity executive, as CSO, or Chief Smooth Officer.


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