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Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Andy DiLallo M&C Saaatchi Chief Creative Officer
Andy Flemming M&C Saatchi Group Creative Director
Michael Canning M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Chris Little M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Chris Cheeseman M&C Saatchi Senior Art Director
Nick Russo M&C Saatchi Group Head
Lill Ireland M&C Saatchi TV Prdoucer
Rupert Taylor M&C Saatchi Copywriter
Michael Sinclair M&C Saatchi Strategy Director
Jonathan Nyquist Rapid films Director

The Campaign

We invited Lexus driver and wingsuit pioneer, Jeb Corliss, to take delivery of the very first RX on Australian soil - from 20,000 feet. Jumping from a cargo plane, he chased a moving delivery truck 20,000 feet below, landing straight on a waiting Lexus. The content became the foundation of an integrated campaign. By profiling people who, driven by self-belief have stepped forward to forge their own path in the world we represented the new Lexus mindset of ‘bold and brave’. We proved the depth of Lexus’ commitment to this mindset through an authentic and daring brand action. The new Lexus RX ‘For those who dare to step forward.’


Searching the world for a Lexus driver who dares to step forward, Lexus Australia brought Jeb Corliss, the world’s most renowned BASE jumper, to Australia to get behind the wheel of the first RX in the country … in the most dramatic way possible. One of the world’s top wingsuit pilots, Corliss took delivery of the first Lexus RX in Australia in a way only he could – jumping from a Caribou plane at 12,000 feet above sea level, flying via wingsuit and landing on a flat-bed trailer carrying the Lexus RX. We then sent eDMs out to current owners to advise them of the upcoming launch so they could pre-register their interest and be among the first to do a test-drive and participate in an Australian and automotive first. Viewers were able to participate through Corliss’ perspective in a 360-degree Virtual Reality immersive experience on YouTube.

The campaign broke global category conventions for a car launch. The film was viewed 19,620,520 times across broadcast, cinema and online in the first month. Record yearly sales in Lexus Australian's history Yearly sales increased by 24% from the previous year. SALES • 160% up against targets for the RX range for December • halo effect on the other SUV model range up 143% against targets for the month • Other key models also experienced uplift in sales for the period CRM ENGAGEMENT • Launch eDM - extremely low bounce rate of 3.6% against industry standard of 46% FILM • Viewed 19,620,520 times across broadcast, cinema and online in first month DIGITAL • Exceeded targets - 8.9 million users across YouTube and Facebook viewing hero film in first two weeks • Exceeded previous model launch record by 1.5 million impressions WEBSITE ENGAGEMENT • 4 times unique visitors to website (Weekly Visitors 47,600 vs 12,000) • 9 times visits to RX product page (15,000 vs

The Situation

The launch of the Lexus RX was an automotive industry first exercise in giving consumers a personal experience of Lexus’ is commitment to authentic and daring brand action. Not surprisingly a Gen-X target market that has always valued its independence, would need to feel that they were being communicated to on a personal level. With an industry standard bounce rate of traditional CRM at 46%, the launch of the Lexus RX range was a mere 3.6%. We personally dared our target consumers to take that step forward.

The Strategy

In a decidedly European category, Lexus has always been an outsider … driven by different processes, values and aesthetics. It used to apologise for this. But today, armed with a new sense of focus and truly polarizing vehicles, it’s proud to sit on its own in the luxury car market. Our task was to transform Lexus’ outsider status from a liability into an asset. Our strategy hinged on reminding a Gen-X target audience (raised to value individual thought) that, with age and success, they may have started to conform. Today, the easy, almost expected status of a BMW, Mercedes or Audi has a powerful allure. But deep inside there’s a sense they’re selling out by joining the club. We had a rare opportunity to prove Lexus is driven by the same instincts as its drivers. To celebrate our shared need, to follow our own path.