Product / ServiceUT PICKS
CategoryA02. Durable Consumer Goods
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hiroki Nakamura PARTY Creative Director
Norikuni Takamiya PARTY Creative Director
Naoki Tanaka Dentsu Creative Director
Kengo Aoki Dentsu Art Director
Junpei Watanabe Watanabe Junpeisha Copywriter
Sami Kawai Dentsu Copywriter
Takashi Kamada spfdesign Inc. Art Director + Designer (Website)
Chie Ozeki spfdesign Inc. Director + Project Manager (Website)
Daisuke Takamura PMX MANAGEMENT Photographer
Hiroshi Imamura Taki Corporation Designer
Masa Sekitomo IINO GRAPHIC IMAGES Retoucher
Isao Honma TYO Monster Producer
Hiroshi Yamada TYO Monster Production Manager
Julie Nakayama TYO Monster Production Manager
Tomokazu Yamada Cavier Director
Yuta Echigo Cavier DoP
Yoshiyuki Shimazu OTA OFFICE Stylist
Keita Koizumi Dentsu Cheif Account Executive
Hiroshi Yamanaka PARTY Project Manager
Jun Tanaka PARTY Executive Producer

The Campaign

UNIQLO invented a new way of shopping for T-shirts. "UT Picks" is a service that proposes a new type of decision-making: Rather than choosing the designs, choose the person who picks the T-shirts. This sales model incorporates the concept of monthly subscription. 30 Pickstars each curated five T-shirts from the over 1,200 types of T-shirts. This way, users could simply rely on their Pickstar of choice and be freed from the burden of having to choose T-shirts themselves. This was an approach possible precisely because of the high quality and rich variety of UT T-shirts.


At a specially set up UT studio, each "UT Picks" Pickstar spent an average of three hours to select five T-shirts from 1,200 types. Along with the annoucement of the service, the documentary videos of the curation process was released on YouTube. "UT Picks" T-shirts and message cards from their respective Pickstars were delivered to the subscribers. Subscribers did not know which T-shirts were chosen until they open the box. The Pickstars were experts of various fields: Models, stylists, bloggers, writers, dancers. Through showing that the T-shirts have the sufficient quality and variety to be curated by Pickstars, this new service communicated the brand value to users.

Announcement of the service immediately created buzz, and achieved advertising equivalent value of 5 million USD. A week after the service started, 15,000 users subscribed, and several Pickstars' selections were sold out. Revenue of the UT e-commerce was 103 million USD, a 40.6% increase from the previous quarter.

The Situation

Rather than spending on traditional commercials, "UT Picks" attracted public attention as a new service. "Pickstars," renowned individuals from a wide range of fields who curated the T-shirt selections, and buzz created among users, led to the success of this service. By communicating the high quality of UT T-shirts as well as the rich variety, "UT Picks" achieved the renewal of the brand image, from "UT is just everyday T-shirts" to "UT is the trendy it-brand for T-shirts."

The Strategy

According to research by UNIQLO, 80% of users found it troublesome to have to choose what to wear, and 45% of users wanted reliable advice. The Pickstars were from various fields of expertise, and their curation of T-shirts alleviated users from the pain of having to choose. At the same time, users were able to purchase T-shirts specially selected by individuals they admire. As a new service, ""UT Picks"" attracted immediate attention and publicity. Reaching beyond the online platform, media coverage spread news about this service to the masses.


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