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Name Company Position
Sean Hyosup Lee Cheil Worldwide VR Solution Manager
Jaesan Kim Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Justine Koh Cheil Worldwide Account Executive
Dongjin Kim Cheil Worldwide Account Director
Jaesung Lee Cheil Worldwide Senior Account Manager
Banya Kim Cheil Worldwide Account Manager
Seungho Shin Cheil Worldwide Account Manager
Hyemin Kim Cheil Worldwide Account Manager
Kelly Chu Cheil Worldwide Event Director
Hyunmin Lee Cheil Worldwide Senior Event Planner
Sandra Yoon Cheil Worldwide Event Planner
Areum Han Cheil Worldwide Event Planner
Yujin Choi Cheil Worldwide Event Planner
Jake Huh Cheil Worldwide Senior Space Designer
Thea Park Cheil Worldwide Space Designer
Minah Kim Cheil Worldwide User Experience Director
Wongi Ryu Cheil Worldwide VR Solution Manager
Yooshin Lee Cheil Worldwide Creative Director
Shinweon Sung Cheil Worldwide Art Director

The Campaign

We invited media as a part of the event to directly experience the product themselves and learn about its features. We didn’t want the press to be a passive audience listening to the speaker’s presentation. So, we decided to go bold and try something that had never been attempted at any product launch event before. Key ideas were to reduce the distance from the stage to the audience and to provide a simultaneous product unveiling moment through VR. We opted against a faraway stage that was difficult for the audience to see, and instead chose to utilize a 360-degree center stage that was engaging for all. Rather than presenting the product from a distance, we let them “meet” the product one-on-one.


- The 360-degrees center stage was installed in the middle of the venue. - And for the first time, we simultaneously unveiled a new product both on stage and via 5,000 VR headsets. To do so, 400km of LAN and electricity cable were installed on the floor. In addition, 280 switches, 53 routers, 7 controls and media servers were utilized. From hardware to software solution, we developed everything from the beginning, to enable VR installation to all of the audience seats. Therefore 5,000 audience members experienced our product in a totally new way, by trying it firsthand.

19,000+ MEDIA MENTIONS 643,000+ SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT 83 MILLION+ SOCIAL MEDIA IMPRESSIONS News articles published about this year’s event were quite different than the conventional new product launch reports usually found in IT press. Media wrote about their personal experiences with the product, supporting their stories with selfies and casual snapshots taken at the event. It was more like a passionate product review than yet another dry article. And these stories spread organically. Tier 1: Outcomes/awareness - change in behaviour, shifts in stakeholder decisions, brand equity >> 37 million watching unpacked livestreaming video(1.2 times compare with S6 livestreaming) >> 22% Positive response, 77% neutra, only 5% negative response on social media, SOV 38% (Feb 21th-23, 2days) Tier 3: Outputs/business results – sales, donations, site traffic, content response

The Situation

“Can a mobile launch event provide an exciting experience rather than a dry presentation? “ The media has often said that they don’t expect anything new from smartphones anymore, and that launch events are similar to each other. Articles found in IT press regarding new mobile launch events are more like dry reports. So we wanted to change the media’s opinion of smartphone launch events by delivering the story of a new product along with a meaningful experience—not just another boring press conference. We came up with a 360-degree center stage that reduces the distance from audience to presenter. Also, we provided VR devices to 5,000 audiences and enabled an intimate one-on-one product experience.

The Strategy

“Providing a meaningful one-on-one experiential launch event” was our mission. We installed 360-degree center stage, to make the media feel less distant from the presenter and let them feel like they were the stars of the show. By doing so, we expected them to be thrilled about being a part of the show and to be inspired to photograph each other. By installing 5,000 VR devices, we wanted the press to be more engaged with the event by personally experiencing the new product through the VR unveil video.


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