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Product / ServiceORGANIC FOOD
CategoryA04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
EntrantTYO INC Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation KAIBUTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TYO INC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
ikkyu Freelance Creative Director
Junya Sato kaibutsu Art Dirctor
Kentaro Muraishi Freelance Planner
Tatsuya Ishikawa Freelance Planner
Wataru Seki Material PR Planner
Kenichi Shimada TYO Producer
Futoshi Takashima SONO PRONTO Director
Ryosuke Kawaguchi Freelance Director of Photograph
Keiichi Tomita Freelance Camera
Aya Sato Nouvelle Vague Store Designer
Namiko Yajima Freelance Nutritionist
Yoshihide Kurashina kraccar Location Cordinator
Takao Ogi Beatniks Music
Jo Mitsuoka IMAGICA Editor

The Campaign

Our solution is to create a FAST FOOD AID, a supplement shop providing lacking nutrients. By bringing your receipt from the last fast food joint, you can get the lacking nutrient supplements for free. We succeeded to create 2 public recognition. One is that most fast foods need to aid with massive supplements to cover its lacking nutrients. The other is that Okonomiyaki, the traditional fast food no needs to aid with 0 tablets. Our creative agency designed all the communications from researching tenant, store construction, obtaining food license, and to opening the actual store. With professional nutritionist from the Japan Dietetic Association, we analyzed every nutrients in popular fast foods. Based on the quantity of nutrient one should take normally, we calculated the lacking nutrients.


STEP1 -Inform the opening of FAST FOOD AID. Made the news prior to opening. STEP2 - Open the shop, well prepared.. Replace the receipt of the last fast food restaurant with supplements of lacking nutrients for free. In just a week, over 5000 customers arrived to the shop and were shocked with the quantity of supplements they have to take and realized that fast food lacks in so many nutrients. Additionally, we communicate the fast ‘healthy’ food restaurant, Dohtonbori, where no tablets are needed, as all nutrients are present. STEP3 - After opening the shop, we launched the movie capturing the in-store experience and a report created from public opinions about modern eating habits.. By doing so, the in-store experience is shared through various media platforms and social networks.

FAST FOOD AID opened in Harajuku, Tokyo and within a week, more than 5000 customers arrived, gathering the most customers in that area. With TV exposure, releasing the in-store experience movie through media platforms, it succeeded to widely unveil the fact of lacking nutrients in every fast food. This prove that Okonomiyaki is better than any other fast foods in terms of nutrients and make Dohtonbori possible to compete with the other Okonomiyaki restaurants. Moreover, the news of the store are broadcasted on national TV program featuring about lacking nutrients in fast food and make national debates. -Over 300+ counts of media exposure in over 20 countries -Documentary Movie received over 1MM views in a few days -Earned a media value of $ 10+million -During the week, conversations about malnutrition increased by 230% -Dohtonbori Store visits increased by 127%

The Situation

Because this campaign changed behaviour to Okonomiyaki just by creating the unique shop and make news with the fact that it has the most well-balanced nutrients though it’s one of fast foods. Moreover, the news of the store are broadcasted on national TV program featuring about lacking nutrients in fast food and make national debates.

The Strategy

Our research revealed that 75% of people think Okonomiyaki is just like any other fast food and do not know it’s actually ‘healthy’ fast food. So we decided to visualize invisible nutrients in every fast foods. And we opened a unique supplement shop that based on what fast food you ate, customer can get a supplement of its lacking nutrients for free. By telling the truth, we give new values on traditional fast food and the way to compete with trending fast food restaurants.


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