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Name Company Position
Claire Lin MEC Taiwan Associate Director
Polly Hsueh MEC Taiwan Associate Manager

The Campaign

We wanted to listen to great music and to throw an awesome karaoke party, and that’s what inspired us to create Party Tools. What do people need to have a great party? Of course music, then they absolutely need friends, but then don’t forget about the Pringles. Pringles Party Tools is simple – we bring the space, we bring the Pringles, we even bring the music. Consumers just need to bring their friends (plus their voices, since it is karaoke), and then everyone’s ready to party. Party Tools is everything you need. No two parties are the same, and everyone has different friends, and Party Tools put consumers at the heart of that dynamic experience. Consumers sang their favorite songs with their best friends, thereby making each party uniquely fun. By giving consumers Party Tools, we helped them create memories that will last a lifetime.

Creative Execution

Empty shipping containers are blank slates for urban passion and creativity, and our appreciation of their raw power inspired us to use them when creating the Pringles Karaoke Party Box. Collaborating with talented street artists to expand pre-existing Pringles designs, we transformed a shipping container into a bright, energetic, urban karaoke space to party in. We outfitted our music box with a custom karaoke sound system including 30 of Taiwan’s most popular songs, and our Pringles branding was bold, fun, and exciting. Party-goers sang, ate, and shared their experience in video across social media. This earned them a set of Party Tools –music branded Pringles cans plus one of three portable speaker designs. Partying on May 8th, 15th and 29th, we sponsored National Taiwan University’s annual graduation party, bringing our party to the party. We hit the road, partying in Ximen and Xinyi, the two hottest party spots in Taipei.

With Pringles Party Tools, we gave consumers and graduating students an incredible party. More than 8,000 people joined us to sing in our Pringles Karaoke Party Box, and over 200 karaoke videos of interactors were uploaded to Facebook. We gave out 900 of our branded Pringles speakers, and we can’t even count the number of Pringles that consumers ate during our parties. We helped spread happiness and good times, and with daily foot traffic in Xinyi at approximately 45,000 people with Ximen even higher at 50,000, we definitively raised the Pringles brand profile, becoming Taiwan’s premier party snack.

Pringles Party Tools created an immersive, curated environment that fused music with branding in a unique, interactive way. Consumers and their friends experienced a colorfully detailed, carefully planned environment that celebrated the karaoke experience while delivering Pringles’ key message. Pringles Party Tools was a literal platform for sharing musical experiences with friends. It engaged, excited, communicated, and most importantly it empowered consumers and their friends to create their own unique music experiences with Pringles.

The heart of Party Tools had to be a colorful, fun, Pringles branded karaoke space. We aimed to celebrate music by providing an immersive environment where consumers could cut loose and get their groove on with Pringles and karaoke. And equally important, it had to be mobile. Because great music parties don’t stick to one place. We would take the party on the road, all over Taipei, the party capital of Taiwan. Fitting our theme, we would use our karaoke platform as a means to give away real party tools – cans of Pringles with music-themed packaging, and a special, battery operated party speaker that directly uses Pringles packaging. Consumers would be able to sing their hearts out in the Party Tools creative space, and the walk away with their own tools for a party, reminding them that both music and Pringles are at the heart of every party.


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