Product / ServiceTATA TEA FUSION
CategoryA04. Use of Licenced or Remastered Music for a Brand or Campaign
EntrantEDELMAN Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation EDELMAN Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Ashutosh Munshi Edelman India Private Limited Director- Creative & Content (India), Mumbai Consumer & Lifestyle

The Campaign

Taking inspiration from the product itself, we rewrote Bollywood’s most beloved celebrations of chai, Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho, in partnership with its original composer, Anu Malik, music producer Venky and popular comedians Abhish Mathew and Aditi Mittal. The licence for the original track was procured from its rightful owner, T-Series and the track was then remixed. Surprising music fans and media alike, the remake was produced as an instantly share-worthy music video with a simple message, inspired by Tata Tea Fusion’s tagline (“Make tea the way you like it”). In the music video, Mathew and Mittal complain about the endless woes of work and life, until Malik delivers his infamous brand of wisdom: “While many things in life can’t be made your way, at least your tea can be.”

Creative Execution

We started with a short video filmed with Anu Malik on the streets of Mumbai where Malik surprised strangers by going up to them and singing lines from his famous song, without context or news of the remake. This was released on his Twitter feed, with no mention of Tata Tea Fusion or the video to come, followed by behind-the-scenes photos and updates, seeded by Malik, Mittal and Mathew to their fans online. Following initial speculation, contextual meme-style ads connected lines from the new song and images from the shoot, along with copy related to trending topics with Tata Tea’s Twitter feed, making the first connection for fans.

The trailer, music video and behind-the-scenes videos were viewed more than 1.14 million times across all platforms. One in eight views of the video resulted in engagement, with more than 135,700 likes, comments, tweets, shares and dubsmash remakes. One of India’s most popular music streaming sites, Saavn, streamed the song for users who played the song more than 258,000 times. More than 100 of the country’s top DJ’s played the song for club-goers, who created and shared their own videos of the crowd dancing to the song.

Our music video involved one of the best known Bollywood songs about tea, which immediately stuck a chord with the audience and generated interest for Tata Tea Fusion. The music video was created with the sole purpose of moving away from the traditional approach of marketing a product. It focused on entertainment for brand build up rather than an informative approach to increase product recall.

Our target audience was the biggest driver of growth in the category, based on brand studies: Young (18-34) urban tea drinkers, with a focus on home decision makers (primarily women). To get people talking at launch, we knew we needed to find an entertaining and relatable way of introducing the product. We went straight to the only obsession of Indian consumers: Bollywood. We searched for an iconic classic that we could completely remake for today’s generation, just as Tata Tea Fusion would allow them to customize their favorite cup of chai any way they like.


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