Product / ServiceDOUBLEMINT
CategoryA07. Use of Music Technology and/or Innovation
EntrantBBDO ASIA Guangzhou, CHINA
Idea Creation BBDO ASIA Guangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kevin Lynch, Helen Sze, Dominique Wong, Derek Shi, Kolos Huang, Roxanne Feng, Mia Lin BBDO Guangzhou and Proximity China Executive Creative Director, Creative Partner, Associate Creative Director, Associate Creative Director, Art Director, Copy Writer, Senior Copy Writer
Helen Sze BBDO Guangzhou Creative Partner
Dominique Wong BBDO Guangzhou Associate Creative Director
Derek Shi BBDO Guangzhou Associate Creative Director
Kolos Huang BBDO Guangzhou Senior Art Director
Mia Lin BBDO Guangzhou Senior Copywriter
Roxanne Feng BBDO Guangzhou Copywriter

The Campaign

A Doublemint That Sings Doublemint had always acted as a bridge to help people connect with each other. With so many ways to connect these days, how can we ensure that Doublemint continues to play this role in people’s lives? Some things never change. Even with so many new ways to connect, it can still be hard to find the perfect words to express how you feel. When you can’t find the right words people often rely on music as a bridge to feel connected. So Doublemint decided to help people connect and tell others how they feel through music.

Creative Execution

Each pack of Doublemint contained a QR code that let you send a song to someone else. It started from scanning the unique QR code on each pack. The user was then brought to an H5 page with a number of ‘tags’ that could describe your feelings about the person, of which you could pick the 3 that seemed to fit them best. 5 recommended songs that captured the right sentiment would pop up, or you could continue on and search a song on your own. After finding ‘the one’ you can write a personal note or use lyrics from the song as a message to show your feelings. The program was launched in May 2016 across all major convenient stores, hyper markets and traditional trade outlets in China and will run until December.

With zero media support other than the on-pack graphics, shipment of Doublemint increased 8.9% vs. planned in the first two months of the campaign, as 72 thousand songs with heartfelt messages have been sent. And those on the receiving side can’t seem to get enough as the listening rate is 145% vs a planned rate of 30% - meaning nearly half of those who receive songs go back and listen for a second time.

Doublemint is a chewing gum brand positioned around helping people connect with each other. ‘A Doublemint That Sings’ brought this positioning to life through a partnership with Kuwo, a popular music platform in China, that was built around the development of an innovative way to distribute and share music. Chinese consumers could scan a QR code on every pack of Doublemint to access an H5 page through WeChat that allowed them to choose a song, customize a message and send it to another person with all available songs sourced from Kuwo’s extensive music library.

For a brand with Doublemint’s scale, everyone is the target. Creatively however, we wanted to focus on a group that would not only resuscitate our business now, but would continue to be valuable customers long into the future – 18 to 30 years olds. Through proprietary quantitative and qualitative research, we discovered that 92% of them agreed that ‘life is not complete without friends’, but 59% of them ‘felt nervous when meeting new people’ and 87% said they ‘wished they were better at making friends’. Whether making friends online or offline, people feel they need a ‘bridge’ or ‘medium’ to start a connection, especially when it comes to romance. This can be something as small as an introduction, an interesting piece of news, or a shared interest. Based on this insight, we turned every pack of Doublemint into this bridge through a partnership with the music platform, Kuwo.


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