Product / ServiceTRY IT
CategoryA05. Use of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AIIN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Junya Eguchi Dentsu Creative Director
Sho Sasaki Dentsu Digital Planner
Marina Kobayashi Dentsu Digital Planner
Takehiro Yamato Dentsu Account Executive
Keisuke Ukiana Aiin Executive Producer
Yusuke Hiza Freelance Director
Daisuke Sugita Aiin Producer
Risa Miyaura Aiin Project Manager
Sakura Sekomune Aiin Project Manager
Shingo Ikeura Freelance Cameraman
Katsuaki Goto NVC Music Artist
Masayuki Takahashi INAZUMA Editor
Masaru Fujita Aiin Music
Hiroyuki Ota Freelance Lighting

The Campaign

We transformed boring textbooks into something that teens love; music videos. We made the song and music video in a way that viewers will think they are watching a typical music video of the artist that they like. As the video progresses, however, viewers realise that the song is on a problem from a textbook; something that would usually prefer to avoid. The music video is structured in a way that we first “trick” viewers into a textbook problem, but expressed the problem in a way so that after being “tricked”, children viewing the video will feel a sense of interest for learning.

Creative Execution

The music video was launched on June 14th 2016. We executed the release on this date, because mid-June overlaps with exam season for students in Japan. Before official release of the music video, we used the artists who sang the songs as our influencers, by having them post peculiar teasers, hinting a new song on their social media. This teaser built excitement amongst teen fans. Excluding the press release, news of the music video was made exclusively on LINE; the most commonly used SNS amongst teens in Japan.

Teens reacted immediately on social media, and in one month, tweet volume on Try IT increased by 220%. The video was widely spread by users, and teen audience began posting videos and posts of themselves dancing and singing along with the music video. Users also interacted with one another through comments on YouTube and tweets on Twitter, by discussing with others what they though the answer to the problem in the music video was. Popularity of the song and campaign did not slow down, and the song was even performed in live, after receiving an offer from a major television network in Japan. In the end, subscribers of Try IT increased by 1,000,000. We succeeded in making children feel much closer to education.

Our work is relevant for Music Spikes, because in Textbook Music, we made effective use of original music, for communicating and engaging with our target, and nurturing affection for the client's service.

We used artists popular amongst Japanese teens as singers of the song, so that initial buzz was made on news that the artists were going to release a “new song”.  We transformed textbook problems for Math, History and English into separate music and music videos, and deliberately made it so, that the music video was on question from textbook topics, that students tend to find confusing. Answers to the problem of the music video was made available for viewing online, to provide for viewers a full learning experience.


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