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Product / ServiceBRAND AWARENESS
CategoryA05. Use of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign


Name Company Position
Jon Kelly iris Worldwide Creative Director
Jon Kelly iris Worldwide Creative Director
MadelineSmith iris Worldwide Senior Art Director
Chris Clausen iris Worldwide Designer
Trent Michael iris Worldwide Designer
Paul Johnston iris Worldwide Producer
Paula Morabito Exit Films Director
Ross Giardina Exit Films DOP Lighting Cameraman
Claire Thomson Nylon Studios Producer
Mark Beckhaus Nylon Studios Producer
Adam Moses Nylon Studios Composer

The Campaign

Conceptual contemporary orchestral with gritty accents complimenting the beauty and grace with the perserverence and power of the women in this campaign.

Creative Execution

We employed the use of live instrumentation and explored the subtle and intimate nature between the violin and the cello. The interwoven melodies and counter-melodies helped tell the narrative. Quiet moments filled with gravitas, building to a climax, following the narrative of the young girl. These women were all once this young girl so the story between violin & cello complimented the story between this young girl and these amazing role models.

At the time of entry, we have not yet receive brand or campaign tracking that allows us to link our activity back to the objective of driving brand affinity with women. This will be available in October. Given the volume of different Samsung campaigns in market at any one time, it is impossible to link thisbrand-building Social results (combined across all platforms, across all 6 main videos): Total media spend: AU $195,00 Total reach = 34,578,226 Total views = 5,714,601 Cost per impression = AU $0.006 Cost per view = AU $0.03 *YouTube* View through rate (VTR) = 11% *Facebook* Click through rate (CTR) = 41% (VS Samsung benchmark of 1.46%!) *Facebook* Engagement rate (Samsung brand channel) = 1.1% *Facebook* Engagement rate (netball ambassador channels) = 2.3% PR results (first 24 hrs) AU $60.5 million worth advertising audience impressions AU $6.6 million PR value 1.2 million organic reach

To compliment the Rethink Role Models campaign we were challenged to compose a piece of music that would shine a light on our netball Diamonds, and their personal stories of overcoming adversities to make it to the top. While each story was rooted in a netball context, they explored much deeper themes that all women could empathise and identify with. We composed a conceptual contemporary orchestral with gritty accents complimenting the beauty and grace with the perserverence and power of the women in this campaign.

We had an instant connection to this campaign. It was real and different from your generic sporting ad. The creative direction was always to try and position this spot differently to any other sports ad that are out there while still containing familiar aspects of the category. At all times we pushed the music to being a piece that motivates, inspires and empowers. Music that helps take the pictures to a new level. We really focused on the young girl in the campaign as our story-teller.


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