CategoryA02. Use of Social/Digital Platform
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 EPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kosuke Kumamoto HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director
Masako Wakigawa HAKUHODO Inc. Planner
Mitsuaki Miyanaga HAKUHODO Inc. Planner
Reki Hashimoto HAKUHODO Inc. Art Director
Shun Ogiso HAKUHODO Inc. PR Planner
Fumio Koda TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Producer
Takao Inoue TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Producer
Mari Matsumoto freelance Production Manager
Ryosuke Kondo TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Production Manager
Miki Sakamoto TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Production Manager
Wataru Sasaki EPOCH Inc. Planner / Director
Ryouhei Shingu EPOCH Inc. Director
TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA Sony Music Artists Music Artist / Cast
Makoto Okunaka PLATINUM PRODUCTION inc. Cast
Hakuhodo Casting & Entertainment, Inc. Hakuhodo Casting & Entertainment, Inc. Casting
EPOCH Inc. EPOCH Inc. Casting
Tagpic Inc. Tagpic Inc. Casting
M2P, INC. M2P, INC. Casting
Daisuke Kosaka EPOCH Inc. Producer
Natsumi Nakahara EPOCH Inc. Project Manager
Shunjiro Miyauchi YAYA Inc. WebGL Developer
Kensuke Okuhara SONICJAM Programmer
Takumi Hasegawa SONICJAM Front-end Engineer
Tomohisa Inami freelance Designer
Shosuke Fukudome freelance Director Of Photography
Koji Yoshino freelance Gaffer
Yuura Hata freelance Production Designer
+Ring TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. CG

The Campaign

We created the interactive music video, which expresses to enjoy customizing with coordination of an air-conditioner and interior design depending on own favors. We expanded the idea and value of selecting an air-conditioner by its design, which is the Kirigamine Style by utilizing the music video, which is the contents talked about through the Internet by the targets very much.

Creative Execution

First, we uploaded the video on YouTube that shows the air-conditioner against the room colored green with our collaboration with one of our top group musicians, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. When the viewers visit to the special website for this purpose, they are able to enjoy with coordinating this room with the green background the way they want. As a result, they are able to share the music video they created at this site. Instead of using any paid media? we successfully expanded this information through this group of musician themselves and the contact channel of their fun community.

This new strategy allowed us to reach to the target group, who concerns about the products with high sense of design, by being informed through the entertainment industries and the music industries. Usually, these industries do not have a deal with any information of air-conditioners. Successfully, we were able to provide the information which was the worth of about 1.2 hundred million yen as an advertisement through the web news mainly. Also, we found about 5000 kinds of interior decoration were shared through the SNS. We figured out the popular coordination through them, and placed on sale as the music video with the collaboration with this musician. The information has been expanding still.

We collaborated with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, who is one of top music groups in Japan, and provided the interactive music video in order to express the value of “Blending with Interior”, which is the idea of this brand, with their high-class music. This is allowed the users enjoying spontaneously instead of delivering the image advertisement unilaterally.

Instead of convincing the customers by explaining the functions of air-conditioners, which is the mainly accepted as an advertisement, we placed our key point to expand the information by the targets that we successfully connected by using the artist who is supported by these target people. These group of people are interesting to culture environment so they showed their interests toward interior decoration and design.


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