CategoryA01. Use of an Artist as a Spokesperson/Ambassador in Partnership with a Brand or a Cause
EntrantR/GA Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation R/GA Shanghai, CHINA
Production R/GA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kim Jerbo R/GA Associate Creative Director
Kim Jerbo R/GA Associate Creative Director
William Esparza R/GA Executive Creative Director
Binbin Zhu R/GA Producer
Kenwyn Forgenie R/GA Account Manager
Matthew Luhks Beats By Dr. Dre Global Brand Director
Diallo Marvel Beats By Dr. Dre Director of Advertising
Peggy Dai Beats By Dr. Dre Relationship Manager
Din Zheng Beats By Dr. Dre Brand Marketing
Jason White Beats By Dr. Dre VP Marketing
Faye Yu Beats By Dr. Dre APAC Digital Marketing Manager
Jon Hingston R/GA Executive Producer

The Campaign

The creative idea was SHOW YOUR COLOR Color is a simple and powerful way to express your unique identity. The color of your Solo2 headphones shows the world your music, your style, who you really are. Beats chose to partner with a hugely influential pop group, the E-GIRLS. Within this 17 member group there was a set five of girls poised for a rise to prominence within the group, they each chose a unique color of Solo2 Headphones allowing them to express their 'New Life', and new personal expression as they became more prominent within the band and music culture in Japan. The result was highly successful - achieving seven times the campaign KPI - impactful cultural moment within the NEW LIFE season for the Beats brand and product range.

Creative Execution

A planned and organic campaign At the core of the campaign was the idea of personal expression, or SHOW YOU COLOR, personified by the E-GIRLS videos, interviews, and numerous other campaign executions. But, although the campaign plan consisted of TV spots, Press & Posters, website channels, digital OOH, social campaigns, social stickers & retail placements, we constantly monitored channels for audience reaction and nimbly responded to create specific campaign engagements - such as in store events, interactive posters, and meme generators - to further engage the audience at the speed of culture, to maintain excitement and keep the momentum of the campaign.

7.5 million total video views. 120 million total impressions. 528,000 true engagements.

The music for this video was an original unreleased song from the E-girls, and was remastered under the supervision of Luke Wood, the president of Beats Electronics. Beats headphones are a symbol of self expression and individuality, and this song and video show the power of music to transport a listener into a world of their own.

The strategy was to inspire self-expression through Music and Style during the New Life Season - New Life, is a Japanese season of new beginnings. New Jobs, New Schools and New Year beginnings meaning many people using this as an opportunity for personal re-invention and fresh starts. Leveraging Japanese pop-culture talent to drive content, engagement and conversation.


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