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CategoryA05. Use of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign


Name Company Position
Kate Williams Carat Content Executive Producer
Sally Teo Carat Content Writer & Producer
Reuben Png Carat Content Design & Experience Director
Adam Bow Carat Content Head of Content APAC

The Campaign

To Millennials, music isn’t just a passion point it’s a way of expressing themselves it is one of the most important ways in which they interact with each other and define their social relationships – but it’s not just about music, but also new and inspiring collaborations that inspire them to share and interact. This fuelled our idea to create original content by showcasing the best in collaborations that reflected the joy and playfulness of the brand – and to monetize this content to reinvest back into working media. Stage 1 was bringing together the best emerging local talent to produce original music around the 9 note Oreo melody – making music that millennials wanted to listen to and share. Stages 2 and 3 have been collaborations in art and dance, with further opportunities over the coming year.

Creative Execution

We produced 4 music videos initially. These are all original compositions with 1 collaboration of 3 major artists Zee Avi (Malaysia), Up Dharma Down (Philippines) and GAC (Indonesia). Each artist also created a solo song in local language - The story behind bringing together different artists across the region provided for some inspiring and interesting behind-the-scenes. We followed up with new artist collaborations which brought in even more views by graffiti artist Dee Jae (Philippines), Dance crew Philippine All-Stars (Philippines), breakdancer Maybeline + Kenobu (Malaysia), dancer Sammy Blank (Indonesia) and DJ Blastique (Malaysia). Together we brought sound and visual together in one beautiful collaboration. This aptly named OPEN UP. Also, included BTS and dance tutorial videos. This was amplified across social media and specific partnerships with Guvera and MTV (co-funded by the media and returning media dollars back into working media).

Business Results • Malaysia: Penetration in Q4’15 grew +2pp for the 1st time in 3 years • Indonesia: Oreo ended the year as the market leaders in Modern Trade • Regional: Share value increase across all markets Marketing • Malaysia: Purchase intent higher than all competitor sweet biscuits. • Philippines: Key Image scores increased 30pp • Indonesia: Highest Brand Awareness and Purchase intent vs competitors Media • 23 Million views online. Continues to average 50,000+ views a month organically on YouTube. • 2,000+ YouTube Comments. 99.7% positive. 16,400 likes YouTube!. • 111,000 Facebook Responses. The highest of all OREO videos globally We monetized the content investment by selling sponsorships to Guvera which generated revenue back and new distribution across music streaming service in SEA Open UP Dance videos: 13,600,000+ views and counting with more collaborations to follow

Driving sales growth for the first time in 16 quarters, Oreo transformed their business by becoming the entertainment and not the disruption to entertainment. Oreo invested and developed original compositions consisting of artist collaborations across SEA. This new format to music production shared audiences across the region and became the best performing videos ever launched on their YouTube channel and most watched Oreo video globally. Mondelez Global CMO: “This is so cool and represents the sort of work we should be doing all over the world…This sort of FEARLESS marketing gives me goosebumps”.

To establish a new brand role among a new audience that would widen our appeal, overcome the perception that Oreo is just for kids and take the brand out of category norms into culture. Our communications platform for the Wonderfilled campaign centred on bringing together different ideas, perceptions, people, attitudes, cultures and countries. We brought this to life through content - collaborations of music, but more importantly establishing Oreo as a credible source of music against millennials. This is step one in creating a platform for us to continue to create and release original content. Following Wonderfilled we opened up collaborations to music, art and dance with fresh videos. We now have a massive audience and captive ears for future creations and collaborations.


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