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Name Company Position
Ka Eun Lee NEWEARLY Account Executive
Jung Wook Lim NEWEARLY Chief Executive Officer
Tae-ho Kim NEWEARLY Account Supervisor
Jeong Yeol Choi NEWEARLY Senior Account Executive
Won Young Song MakeUs Producer
Honggi Kim MakeUs Chief Operating Officer
Ga Jeong Lee MakeUs Communications Manager
Kil Tae Jang NEWEARLY Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

As we have focused on online contents other than creating advertising, our creative idea started from the insight of what kinds of music content people wants to see via online and we’ve got to the insight that people have never seen famous pop stars singing while they are drinking, which is very private, but which can show a real soul of them. Thus, we have decided to create series of video that normal music content has never been shown before. Following the insight, we’ve created online content which everyone want to see from online content. Ten more videos we made actually show that the most popular K-POP stars' singing while they are drinking ‘Cham I Sul.' Then they have been uploaded in SNS as in the name of ‘Cham I Sul Live’.

Creative Execution

• Implementation We have created ten series of ‘Cham I Sul Live’ video collaborating with ten different K-POP stars. In the videos, they actually sing the songs drinking ‘Cham I Sul' with a very private friends or group members. • Timeline From December 2015 till now, we have released more than 10 videos of ‘Cham I Sul Live’ via top music related social pages and portal site. • Placement The videos have been released followed by two steps. The first step was releasing the videos on seed media such as top-ranked Facebook pages among our targets, famous Youtube and Instagram pages of music contents, and social pages of the brand. After that, varied social influencers and social network news service shared our contents to maximize the viral impact.

With our new approach, we’ve managed to introduce new contents type, DTL(digital PPL), a new way of creating branded contents. From doing so, the campaign has brought surprising results. Total counts of views by ten ‘Cham I Sul Live’ videos were 52,316,593. We've achieved fan engagement successfully with more than 1,771,843 social engagements (total scores of Like,Comment, and Share). Thousands of SNS comments came up, mentioning the brand related keywords such as, 'May be Cham I Sul makes singer sings better', ' We should do this bro', 'I will bring guitar, you bring Cham I Sul.' Also, the videos have been reported outside Korea, and the user generated contents have been created globally. After that organic international viral, we started to upload Cham I Sul video on the video site in china, named tudou, so that they can enjoy our contents with no barrier.

‘Cham I Sul live’ has introduced an innovative direction to create music content that has a creative brand message with its unique online content type, DPL which means digital PPL. Since the alcohol advertising regulated on mass media, we have tried a new approach to creating the brand communication from online content, not advertising. In our live videos, the most popular K-POP stars are singing while they are actually drinking 'Cham I Sul' at private dinner meaning that they are in a little tipsy. With this provocative content that shows what everyone might have imagined, total counts are over 5,200,000.

Our target was young generations, ages of 2030 in South Korea who often enjoy drinking Soju with friends. Also, they have been known for enjoying snack videos, which are mostly music categories, via social network in their daily life. Given that condition, we've found brand communication solution by creating online music content, which creates synergy effects with 'Cham I Sul'. In that way, our target can enjoy our branded contents without any repulsion as they do not accept it as an advertising but fun online contents. Regarding media strategy, the videos have been released on the top-ranked social platform among our targets to enhance intentions from them. From doing so, our contents have been naturally considered as online content not advertising from social users.


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