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Product / ServicePAID TV
CategoryA01. Direction
Production FINCH Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

Love could be in the air for this couple as Sarah invites Ian over to her place to watch the latest instalment of 'Game of Thrones'. He naturally says, "Yes"... but there's a problem. A fifty episode-sized problem, in fact. You see, Ian hasn't seen a single episode of the show. "Winter is coming", intones the VO - not that it'll make much sense to our Westeros newbie. Luckily, with pay TV provider Foxtel on his side, Ian can embark on a mission to watch every episode before Monday night. As fans of the show will attest however, one doesn't so much watch 'Game of Thrones' as let it put you through the blood-soaked ringer.


This film is all about what us men, in all of our pathetic neediness, do to every women we like... We lie. Sometimes it’s about how much we shower, the fact that we have hobbies other than just masturbation and beer, but the most common of all it’s that we share the same interests. Game of Thrones (for anyone who just jumps in and watches a random episode) is a deep web of intrigue and mind boggling confusion. This film is a fast paced anthropological study of the cultural phenomenon that is "the binge". The frenetic piecing together of information; with moments of success, moments of absolute stress, moments of sheer confusion mixed together as an intense and brutal tapestry of experience. It’s a drama about a guy watching a drama, shot with the production quality of a contemporary retelling of the conflicts of Westeros.


Name Company Position
Corey Esse FINCH Managing Director / Executive Producer
Rob Galluzzo FINCH Founder/ Executive Producer
Nick Ball FINCH Director
Julianne Shelton FINCH Producer
Lachlan Milne FINCH Director Of Photography
Neville Stevenson FINCH Art Director
Jo Scott The Butchery Editor
Drew Downes The Refinery VFX
Simon Kane Song Zu Sound Design
Paul Bradbury Whybin/TBWA Chief Executive Officer
Gary McCreadie Whybin/TBWA Executive Creative Director
Wesley Hawes Whybin/TBWA Executive Creative Director
Hristos Varouhas Whybin/TBWA Executive Planning Director
Mark Tallis Whybin/TBWA Art Director
Cameron Dowsett Whybin/TBWA Copywriter
Camilla Stapley Whybin/TBWA Group Account Director
Ed Smith FOXTEL Executive Director of Sales and Marketing
Rob Farmer FOXTEL Director of Content Marketing
Sasha Mackie FOXTEL Head of Content Marketing
Travis Conneeley FOXTEL Creative Director & Director of Brand
Carly Edmonds FOXTEL Executive Producer
Claire Blackall FOXTEL Creative Comunications Manager
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