Bronze Spike

Demo Film


Product / ServiceCALORIEMATE
CategoryA12. Achievement in Production
EntrantAOI PRO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation CATCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production AOI PRO Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

A nervous young high-school girl is about to take the life changing university entrance exam. Filled with angst, she looks at the blackboard in front of her. Suddenly emotional memories of her supportive family and the personal effort and sacrifices she has put into her rigorous studies for this very day plays out on the chalkboard as a stop-frame animation. Seeing this gives her the confidence she needed. Calorie Mate shows their support to all exam takers with their message “Show them What You’ve Got”!


The chalkboard stop-frame animation consists of 6,328 images. Using only chalk on a blackboard, with no post produced artwork involved, each individual image was intricately hand drawn with an amazing attention to the smallest of detail and photographed one by one. 34 actual university art school students spent 2,623 hours drawing on 5 chalkboards simultaneously to create this amazing feat of animation. As you can imagine, using chalk on a blackboard as the canvas was an extremely difficult and unknown medium for these art students. But with pride and unswerving determination, they were able to create a film that was not only sympathetic & symbolic of the many years spent in school studying but showed their support for the students who were about to embark on a moment that would change their lives forever….their university entrance exams.


Name Company Position
Akihiro Fukube catch Inc. Creartive Director
Takuro Enomoto HAKUHODO Inc. Art Director
Hiroyuki Yamada AOI Pro. Inc. Executive Producer
Shota Kawaguchi AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Tsugihisa Tanaka VOYAGER Director
Toru Midorikawa Melody Punch Sound Designer
Rikiya Saito AOI Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Arisa Mochizuki AOI Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Orie Ichihashi Kyoko Sato Office Cinematographer
Takuya Sakimoto Freelance Lighting Designer
Tatsuhiro Negishi HAKUHODO Inc. Account Manager
Kei Akai HAKUHODO Inc. Account Manager
Yuko Mizumoto HAKUHODO Inc. Account Manager
Takeshi Sato HAKUHODO Inc. Account Manager