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The Campaign

The Singapore Time Walk mobile app. A rich media digital heritage guide powered by Google Maps. At every iconic landmark on the Jubilee Walk* trail, we provided location-specific audiovisual content. All users had to do was to point their smartphone camera at the landmark, and they would see historic images of the place coupled with animations and crucial information as an overlay. All images and other content was created in partnership with MHB, URA, and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. This effectively gave our users a museum they could hold in their hands. The app was the perfect companion to the Jubilee Walk*. *The Jubilee Walk takes visitors through more than 20 iconic locations in downtown Singapore, marking the very spot where key milestones took place. The walk was designed by several government agencies as a commemorative gesture of the Singapore story.

Creative Execution

The entire build of this app, from illustrations to UX design and technical build, was done over approximately 10 weeks. The largest effort in execution was on app development. That resulted in a smooth user experience and seamless UX. Some features are: the ‘time slider module’ that allowed one to view an image or video at a swipe, and the use of geo-location and time of day to show specific audiovisual content. The entire app was created in 10 weeks. A close collaboration with MHB, URA, and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth also allowed us to use content from private collectors. That allowed us to recreate a realistic view of Singapore.

As of July 2016, Singapore Time Walk has been awarded Mobile Site of the Day by FWA, and a Webby Award for People’s Choice. It has been extensively featured in Singapore’s major news publications, including Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, TODAY, online news site Yahoo!, and countless other blogs. On some news outlets, the app was even in multiple stories. At launch, the app was only available on the Google Play Store. Later, due to its success, it was introduced to the iTunes Store. The app has near 5,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. It also has 1,600 downloads and a rating of 4+ out of 5 on the iTunes App store, even though it was released after Singapore’s Jubilee Celebrations. To date, Singapore Time Walk continues to receive a steady pace of monthly downloads.

It was launched together with Google Shophouse, a pop-up event held in August 2015, Singapore’s jubilee celebration month. Google Shophouse welcomed 4500 visitors over 11 days and featured new technologies specially developed to mark Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. Singapore Time Walk was one of them. To reach out to our target audience, we created a delightful UX experience where viewing historical information was bite-sized and pleasurable. It gained the attention of the tech community, families and individuals alike, and continued to receive mentions in news stories for 6 months after its launch. It was produced in close collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and the National Heritage Board, who provided the content and archive images seen in the app.


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