Product / ServiceMAGOTAN
CategoryE02. Virtual Reality (VR)
EntrantTRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Production TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

Starting late 2015, VR became the most discussed technology in China. Its applications and prospects were highly anticipated. Thus, when planning the launch campaign of All New VW Magotan, we decided to use VR to produce the core content to elaborate and reinforce the brand’s image of leading and innovative, and provide consumers with a new and immerse experience of the brand and the car. We cooperated with a Hollywood blockbuster “Now You See Me 2” and produced a VR brand video with the story derived from the movie and invited the leading actor Jay Chou to be the director. The story is about how a special agent from a secret agency, Inner Eye Group, successfully escaped from enemies, accomplished the mission and started the new generation Magotan. The video brings consumers to experience a magical journey with excitements of VR technology, and the technology upgrade of Magotan.

Creative Execution

The style of the VR video follows the movie which creates an exciting and entertaining experience for viewers. By using the first person perspective, consumers will be surprised to realize that they are actually the special agent in the end of the video, thus bring them to the next mission. We used the movie-grade camera to produce high quality video. Meanwhile, the production team developed a wireless system to monitor the shooting, which resolved the blind spot issue of the past VR video shooting. The newly developed “Subjective Helmet” can also simulate the first person perspective in 360 degrees, which produced a great immersing viewing experience. The trailer and the making-of of the video and were released on social media one week before the VR video was released. In addition, PR articles about the cooperation and Jay Chou’s involvement on the video were released along with the movie premier. The VR video was released on major video websites as well as on social media platforms. Consumers who watch the video can get a chance to win the movie tickets. Also, following the story of the video, consumers will get the next mission, which is to watch more videos about the product features and sign up for test drive. Shortly after the release, the news of Jay Chou directing this VR video quickly reached 230 million views on social network sites, and the trailer was viewed 50 million times. The video also received attention from all the video websites as well as best placements for free. The total viewership soon surpassed 4.2 million.


Name Company Position
Tim Peng Trio Isobar Creative Director
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