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Production VML Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

From a cold and very data oriented manuscript, we managed to create a customised and enjoyable experience for the reader, expanding it beyond manuscript by showcasing the various extra resources GIC had (Pictures, videos, letters). The financial history of Singapore became accessible to every Singaporean. In a digitally savvy Singapore, where consumers are used to information intake on digital devices, an app was the best way to tell the story of GIC. The app with its collaboration and reading features allows users to be able to absorb and revisit the story over time and at their own pace. It’s a fully interactive experience, bringing together text, audio and video to bring alive the story. It allows for a collaborative experience with its sharing and commenting features, which means the storytelling experience is akin the one we know offline.

Creative Execution

Not many people within GIC knew about the economic history of Singapore which is interesting, rich and has given the foundation that the country requires for future economic growth. There was a feeling that colleagues within GIC no longer saw the core values that helped set up GIC, such as courage and integrity as important anymore. Moreover Singaporeans were not very aware about the values and the story of GIC. Then, the question was : How to raise interest about it? Our research showed that more readers are using social reading apps to connect and discuss content with their friends. For readers to be active learners, the information needs to be easy to consume, people retain and recall information when they take an active part in the learning process. Though, we came out with a reading app that allows readers to take an active role in their reading experience. In order to drive downloads and engagement, we created an interactive e-book, allowing user to highlight, comment and share parts of the book. With a high focus on design and assets, reading a book is no more just about content but also about the entire experience the reader is led into. To enhance this experience we added an interactive storytelling, infographics, a timeline and some animations. GIC History application had more than 1000 downloads in the first week. The app was ranked #1 in the Education category for SG. These results demonstrate how we can turn a very data oriented brief into a digital experience that would raise interest among both internal staff of GIC and Singaporean themselves. Up to now, the application has been downloaded up to 6000 times.


Name Company Position
Camille Villagonza VML South East Asia & India Art Director
Tripti Lochan VML South East Asia & India Chief Executive Officer
Preethi Sanjeevi VML South East Asia & India Regional Chief Marketing Officer
Cheryl Lee VML South East Asia & India Senior Designer
Megan Soh VML South East Asia & India Designer
Will Lee VML South East Asia & India UX Director
Anne-Sophie Abdi VML South East Asia & India Business Manager
Joaquim Laurel VML South East Asia & India Creative Director
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