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Idea Creation TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

McNOW with Google Data follows your moves without being obtrusive. Charming and enjoyable recommendation ads. When analyzing the 2 billion meals McD POS data, we can find the products that go up in sales according to specific area, time, weather, temperature, event and other factors. This indicates the moment for each product (the moment you crave that product), and if we can translate this to real-time banner ads and media output, optimum recommendations can be made by capturing these moments as they happen. However, these banners can be construed as ‘annoying’ if mis-applied. We modified our thinking and understood that recommendation ads, if honed in perfectly to specific needs and times, can actually turn out to be exactly what the customer wants, that is to say ‘enchanting entertainment’.

Creative Execution

The Forefront of Newness! 2 Billion Pieces of Annual Sales Big Data Turned into Entertainment! The New Live Recommendation Ad System. Marketing data and real-time data such as meteorological information is calculated to inform creative and media output, which is all automated. 1. Precise targeting that doesn’t ‘chase’ 2. Charming, appealing, cute banners and motion graphics 3.“Everyone’s ranking” style options given to users meant fun and very precise recommendations to target. The system has more than 25,000 banners and an infinite number of combinations possible for the landing page. With GOOGLE cooperation, the entire system can be reviewed, with direct connection to advisor, higher bidding settings and output consumption. These innovative new systems allowed for infinitely faster creative output.


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Chief Creative Officer
Ryoko Shinbo TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Art Director
Tomoki Harada TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Senior Creative Director
Tatsuro Miura HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director
Kei Tominaga TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Promotion Planner
Nobuhiro Arai TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Copywriter
Hiroaki Wada TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Account Director
Taiki Akamatsu TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc. Account Supervisor
Satoshi Yo AOI Pro. Producer
Takuma Moriya AOI Pro. Producer
Kazuhiro Yamamoto SPONGE Director
Yosuke Sasagaki Hakuhodo i-studio. Inc. Production Designer
Issei Kumazaki Hakuhodo i-studio. Inc. Designer
Mika Nakagawa Hakuhodo i-studio. Inc. Designer
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