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CategoryB04. Overall Functional Design
Idea Creation 2 TINYMOS Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

The world of astrophotography generally has a high cost of entry. TinyMOS aims to bring astrophotography to the masses by creating a camera that is portable, packed with technology and easy to use. The interactive Star Map is a unique interface to easily locate and shoot celestial objects. It shows you the stars and constellations in real time and has a search function built in to guide you. This the world’s first camera designed specifically to take high resolution pictures of the stars and celestial objects. The patented noise reduction algorithm, high-fidelity back-illuminated sensor and interactive Star Map makes astrophotography a point and shoot experience that fits in your pocket.

Creative Execution

The TinyMOS camera was created keeping ease of use and portability in mind while maximising power. The tiny 113mm x 69mm x 22mm frame is packed with top-of-the-line technology like: An interactive Star Map that helps plan excursions based on upcoming celestial events. It is a unique interface that shows the location of stars and constellations in real time with a build in search function to guide the user. A TinyMOS mobile app to pair the camera with a smartphone to allow instant sharing of high resolution pictures and timelapse videos. A lens adapter that lets you connect any conventional lens to the camera or even mount it on a telescope to capture images of planets. A back illuminated sensor that is twice as good as conventional sensors in converting light to signal allowing for higher fidelity images. A patent-pending noise reduction algorithm built into the camera that self calibrates and reduces noise effectively. An aircraft-grade aluminum mono-body that keeps the technology protected while acting as a heat sink to reduce thermal noise.


Name Company Position
Boon Kheng Tan Y&R Singapore Art Director
De Neng Lim Y&R Singapore Copywriter
Viraj Chouhan Y&R Singapore Copywriter
Benjamin Tan Y&R Singapore Junior Art Director
Gerald Jian Y&R Singapore Junior Copywriter
Jabez Koh Y&R Singapore Intern
Chen Junyang/Grey Tan TinyMOS Chief Executive Officer
Chia Lih Wei TinyMOS Chief Technology Officer
Ashprit Singh Arora TinyMOS Chief Operating Officer
Raphael Goh TinyMOS Content Manager
Titan Lee TinyMOS Growth Hacker
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R Asia Executive Creative Director
Komal Bedi Sohal Y&R Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Singapore
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