Product / ServiceUNIQLO T-SHIRTS
CategoryE03. Innovative Use of Technology
EntrantISOBAR South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production ISOBAR South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

When it comes to fashion, most purchases are guided by the heart – impulsive and easily influenced by trends. UMOOD challenged consumers to do the exact opposite. By using neurotechnology in-store to determine their mood, we recommend a t-shirt to match and invited customers to shop with their heads instead of their hearts. Collaborating with Melbourne Universit, UMOOD utilised proprietary neuroscience technology in a way it had never been used before. In a world-first for the retail industry, UMOOD read the brainwaves of shoppers and made it part of the purchase process – taking the concept of a personalised retail experience to a whole new level.

Creative Execution

With over 600 different t-shirt designs available at UNIQLO, it was important not to overwhelm our audience (male and female 20-35yrs) with choice. We needed to transform their shopping experience and make finding the perfect t-shirt easy, exciting and personal. Although t-shirts are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe, buying them isn’t as basic as one might think. What we choose to wear is influenced by how we feel, so we wanted to help shoppers cut through the clutter. Our strategy was to showcase the huge range of t-shirts UNIQLO offered, and to demonstrate that no matter who you were or how you felt, we had the shirt to suit you. As a result, we got people to rethink the way they shop, while creating a totally personalised experience with the brand. Our call to action was simple: Come to UNIQLO and find your perfect t-shirt. UNIQLO shoppers were fitted with a neuro-headset at the in-store UMOOD booth and shown a range of video stimuli. The neurological responses in their frontal lobe (the part of the brain responsible for mood) were analysed in real-time by a custom-built algorithm that identified their current mood and recommended a t-shirt to match. UMOOD embraced the modern, stylish and simplistic design philosophy of UNIQLO. We also reinforced the innovative nature of the brand throughout the design’s touch points, from screen animation to the lab coats staff wore. We visualised brain data with playful infographics that represented what was going on inside. Animation was an important part of the interface as it guided shoppers through each step and on a journey through the inner workings of their mind. To give a taste of the experience and drive traffic in-store, we integrated the technology into Instagram and


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Tim den Braber Isobar Group Account Director
Alice Green Isobar Strategic Planner
Holly Langford Isobar Art Director
Michael Punton Isobar Copywriter
Emma Park Isobar Copywriter
Jessica Snell Isobar Producer
Rob Barnett Isobar Associate Creative Director
Marguerite Moloney Isobar Designer
Augusto Jacquier Isobar Designer
Tim Hobday Isobar Designer
Erik Hallander Isobar Regional Innovation and Mobile Director
Tish Tambakau Isobar Account Manager
Xavier Verhoeven Isobar Production
Aron Tardini Isobar Designer
Matt Soulsby DentsuMitchell Account Manager
Kei Shimada Dentsu ScienceJam Director, Innovation & Business Development
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