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EntrantPANDEMIC Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation PANDEMIC Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

We discovered from an agency qualitative research that Chinese travellers have a limited knowledge of what New Zealand had to offer other than breathtaking views, i.e. wine experiences direct from the source, fresh ingredients with options of Asian cooking preparation, and iconic food festivals like Bluff Oysters and Whitebait. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s offering of the “New Fresh” experience, where seafood was caught from the waters and a person catching and eating it, was not common in China. Such zero distance immersion and multi-sensory experience accelerated the appeal of visiting New Zealand. When guiding their decision-making, travellers also preferred images of food as an alternative when Chinese menu was not available. These insights inspired the Feast New Zealand Challenge, our HTML5 branded game featuring four dishes from destinations visited by XFUN; lucky winners were rewarded with a pair of return New Zealand flight tickets for completing the game in 30 seconds.

Creative Execution

Our HTML5 branded game was available from 31st March till 22nd April 2016. It featured food from the four places visited by XFUN, i.e. Auckland lamb chop, Hawke’s Bay salmon, Wellington crab, and Dunedin seafood. Players could select any dish and must finish it in 30 seconds by tapping their mobile screen for a chance to win a pair of return New Zealand flight tickets. To increase traffic to the game, we placed a 30-second pre-roll as well as online banners on iQIYI, Sohu, and Toutiao online and mobile TVs, plus the Eyepetizer app. We also promoted Feast New Zealand Challenge on Weibo, sharing details about the prizes and had mini games, where, in one instance, we asked fans connect the four New Zealand destinations to their respective dishes. In another instance, they were asked to leave a comment on their favourite one of four New Zealand foods.

The results of Feast New Zealand Challenge were phenomenal (5): over 600,000 page views; 470,000 unique visitors; game played as many as 70,000 times; and 35,000 submissions of players’ contact details. Furthermore, we exceeded key media KPIs for our placement of pre-roll and online banners on iQIYI and select few online and mobile TVs plus app, i.e. the number of impression and number of clicks, with a lower cost per thousand impressions and cost per click.(6) Now, we could say that there are more travellers from Mainland China whom no longer recognise New Zealand only for its landscapes, because they have become more aware of its food scene the moment they embarked on the journey of delicious discoveries to New Zealand, with Air New Zealand.

Feast New Zealand Challenge was targeted at new audience across Mainland China, particularly from first-tier cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, with more than CNY200,000 annual household income, and a penchant for making outbound trips, fuelled by their desire of seeking new experiences and fostering deeper emotional bonds with loved ones. We created the HTML5 branded game, which was accessible on mobile via WeChat's Scan QR Code feature, based on XFUN’s itinerary. WeChat was an important channel for us to push our game and in reaching our target audience, as justified by a Tencent report revealing that as high as 93% of first-tier city citizens used WeChat, and these users read an average seven articles every day, between the peak hours of 8PM to 10PM. We also leveraged the fact that over 70% of users played WeChat games every day and 15% of them played frequently.(4)


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TZ Studio TZ Studio Recording & Mixing Studio
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Louis Ang Pandemic Creative Director
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