CategoryB01. User Experience Design (UX)
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing PUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

"uno SOCIAL BARBER" is a fictional barber shop that analyzes your personality through your social media posts. It retrieves users' past posts by connecting to Facebook or Twitter. Through a customized personality analysis algorithm built with Deep Learning, users' interests and psychological tendencies are extracted and hypothesized. Users can then watch an original video which analyzed their interests, and their positive or negative words from their posts and visualizes this through their "virtual hairstyle". At the end of the video, the results of their personality type analysis and advice will be displayed. These results can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter as an original GIF animation.

Creative Execution

Launched on April 26, 2016 as a free online service that can be accessed on PC or smartphone. Accessible from anywhere in the world; Japanese is the only language available. Many new graduates take self-analysis tests to discover their traits and talents. The problem is, the majority of the analytic systems are outdated. With this insight, “uno,” young men?s hair styling brand, created a new question-free self-analysis solution to deepen the connection between young people and the brand. To do this, first, we consulted with psychologists to make sure that there is a possibility to estimate people's personalities from what they post on social media. Then, we conducted a series of psychological questionnaires and log analysis surveys to extract the necessary personality trait data for estimating personalities. The target audience were young adults who want to "mature" faster, such as job-hunting students and recent college graduates. Young adults in Japan are often using SNS such as Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, we focused advertising on banner ads using these platforms. We also focused targeting websites in Japan with an emphasis on job hunting, technology and fashion.


Name Company Position
Daisuke Nakamura PARTY Creative Director, Technical Director, Planner
Naoki Tanaka Dentsu/Dentsu Lab Tokyo Creative Director, Copy Writer, Planner
Moe Goto Dentsu/Dentsu Lab Tokyo Copy Writer, Planner
Ryuta Moniwa Dentsu Copy Writer, Planner
Tatsuhiko Akutsu PARTY Information Architect, Planner
Miho Ishizuka PARTY Planner
Atsuko Okada puzzle Producer
Nami Kamiya puzzle Production Manager
Masafumi Fujioka DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Producer
Wataru Odakura DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Producer
TAKCOM P.I.C.S Director
Masahiro Nose Digital Garden inc. CG Producer
Yudai Kogawa invisible designs lab Music
Ryuta Modeki TWOTONE Art Director
Seruzio Nishida TWOTONE Designer
Nobuaki Arikata kirifuda Frontend Engineer
Nakashima Kenshiro kirifuda Frontend Engineer
Hajime Sasaki MountPosition System Engineer
Satoru Yamamoto Data Artist Inc. Data Scientist
Motoyoshi Takano Dentsu Account Executive
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