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Product / ServiceNOODLES
CategoryA13. Excellence in Partnerships between a Content Producer and a Brand/Product/Talent
EntrantTRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Production TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Marc Liu Trio Isobar Creative Director
Eva Lin Trio Isobar Strategy Director
Judge Yu Trio Isobar Copywriter Director
Rachel Dong Trio Isobar Account Director
Calvin Chen Trio Isobar Associate Creative Director
Chris Chen Trio Isobar CEO&ECD

The Campaign

Nowadays, leveraging entertainment contents for marketing communication is quite popular and effective in China. We chose "Kung Fu Panda 3" for a comprehensive cooperation. The creative concept started from Kung-Fu Panda Po’s background. Po was born in Sichuan and grew up in a family that owned a noodle shop. With his kung-Fu and identity as the “Dragon Warrior”, we transformed the 32 steps of making KSF pickle noodles into 32 kung-Fu moves of the Dragon Warrior to deliver an authentic Sichuan Cuisine image.

Creative Execution

We worked with DreamWorks to produce a brand video. We developed the storyline, Oriental DreamWorks wrote the script accordingly, and the U.S. DreamWorks produce the animation. As this was the first time DreamWorks had such an in-depth co-operation with a brand, even the CEO of U.S. DreamWorks paid great attention on the progress. The video was released on major video websites, and a short versionwas aired on TV and outdoor media. We then designed the 32 gif images of “Kung-Fu Noodle” moves to release on social media and created action figures of Po as promotional gifts. The product packaging acted as an entry point for social networks connecting cinemas, e-stores, mobile apps, video sites and other effective touch-points. Consumers buy the product, scan the QR code on the packaging to enter the H5 interactive game to win the premium or a trip to the U.S. DreamWorks.

The feature video "Kung Fu of Noodles" was viewed over 165 million times, and received over 400 million exposures on social media, which generated 2.5 million interactions. The sales promotion video “Kung-Fu Treasure Raid” was viewed 252 million times online. The TV commercial and outdoor ads covered 132 cities and reached over 45 million people. The page view of the H5 reached 4.5 million. Most importantly, the sales of KSF Pickle Noodles grew by 22%, and the positive comments on social media increased by 132% during the campaign.

The key success factor of KSF Pickle Noodles’ “Kung-Fu of Noodles” campaign was the close work among the brand, the agency and DreamWorks. The idea was highly appreciated by DreamWorks and thus we won their full support. For four months, we closely worked with DreamWorks’ creative and animation team. We created a brand new character “Master Rabbit” exclusively for KSF under the story of the original movie. We also released the branded content “Kung-Fu of Noodles” right before the movie hit the cinemas and offered consumers the opportunities to visit DreamWorks as the incentive of the sales promotion.

KSF Pickle Noodles targets young adults, mostly male. They are heavy users of instant noodles. Games and entertainments are their favorite. We chose “Kung-Fu Panda 3” because we believe that in a successful content co-operation, it is important to find perfect linkage between the stories of the brand and the entertainment content. Our strategy was to leverage Kung-Fu Panda 3 to plan a ubiquitous entertaining experience so that consumers would be interested in viewing and participating. We used a brand video as the core of the campaign. Around this video, we have TV commercial, outdoor ads, social engagements, PR, in-store display, road shows and sales promotions.


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