Short List
BrandABC Arts Channel
Product / ServiceARTBREAKS
CategoryA03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation HECKLER Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation 2 MARCEL SYDNEY Walsh Bay, AUSTRALIA
Production HECKLER Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Andrew Holmes Heckler Editor
Will Alexander World Wide Mind Executive Producer
Garry Jacques Heckler Creative Director
Josh Logue World Wide Mind Director
David Nobay Marcel Creative Chairman
Holly Alexander Marcel Head of Content
Katy Alexander World Wide Mind Producer
Warwick Thornton World Wide Mind Director
Simon Harsent Pool Collective Photographer
Michael Corridore . Photographer
Susan Stitt, ACS Rapid Films Cinematographer
Tim Georgeson Sam I Am Photographer
Greg Constantaras Heckler Colourist
Aborah Buick Heckler Producer
Ashley Barron . Director Of Photography
Jo Ley . Illustrator
James Briscoe . Animator
Adam Howden . Cinematographer
Jo Morris . Editor
Michelle Parker World Wide Mind Managing Director/ Executive Producer
Simon Lister . Photographer / Director

The Campaign

In all the project took over 3 months to complete: from selecting an assortment of actors to read the 8 poems, to finding 8 Australian photographers and filmmakers eager to take up the challenge. From there, from a traditional agency production perspective, we essentially abandoned all the rules: there was no “client presentation”, no “storyboard”, no “pre-pro” and, as an agency, we weren’t even involved in the edit. In fact, in the case of the poem “Ancient Eye”, we only discovered the director, Warwick Thornton, had taken the artistic liberty to have the poem translated into authentic indigenous language a week before it aired on the ABC. Similarly, one of the poems was directed in Bangladesh and another in the desolate forests of Canada, with zero input from us. As we say, Artbreaks was a uniquely brave exercise in creative improve on behalf of not just us, but our client.

Creative Execution

ArtBreaks launched on the 1st April and aired for one month until 1st May on ABC iView. It is still available online to view at

ArtBreaks has been shared on multiple platforms including social media, like Facebook and Twitter which allows for many people to view it in other ways other than on iView. This increased public knowledge not only for ArtBreaks, but for the new ABC Art channel as well.

To demonstrate the ’s commitment to Australian artists, we put our advertising directly in their hands…by giving over 20 Australian artists - from photographers and directors to actors and musicians – 8 original poems, penned by us, and entrusting them to realise our words with no supervision and the artistic freedom to interpret them in their own natural way. The resulting 8 films “artbreaks” were hosted on the ABC’s Iview channel for one month, as well as shared globally via

All 8 films were hosted on the ABC’s Iview online channel, which enjoys an even higher viewership than their main TV channel, for one month, from April 1st 2016. The project received enormous coverage in both creative and general media, including The Australian Magazine, GQ, SHOTS and Independent Film. The project itself is now planned to become an integral part of D&AD’s 2016 live craft program in Sydney and we are currently in discussion with the ABC to create a second series of Artbreaks for 2017.

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