CategoryA03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 KAIBUTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production SPOON Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Koki Watanabe Tokyu Agency Inc Creative Director
Kitani Yusuke kaibutsu Creative Director
Hidenaga Tanaka Tokyu Agency Inc. Art Director
Daisuke Kawahara Tokyu Agency Inc. Strategic Planning Director
Mitsuyo Demura Tokyu Agency Inc. Agency Producer
Takuma Uchida Tokyu Agency Inc. Designer
Toshiki Takano Tokyu Agency Inc. Designer
Hiroshi Yamakawa Spoon. Director
Kentaro Ishibashi Spoon. Producer
Junichi Arakawa kaibutsu Computer Artist
Atsushi Hashimoto kaibutsu Computer Artist
Manabu Himeda freelance Computer Artist
TYMOTE TYMOTE Computer Artist
Daisuke Hashimoto P.I.C.S Computer Artist
Yohei Wada freelance Computer Artist
Yutaro Kubo freelance Computer Artist
Baku Hashimoto INS Studio Computer Artist
Masakatsu Takagi freelance Sound Design Arrangement
Sakiko Tomita omunibus japan Editor
Katsuya Yamada aiin Sound Studio Producer

The Campaign

We made the philosophy of Adobe Creative Cloud into a movie. Creators create as they expose themselves to a variety of things in the universe. Adobe always stands by these creators’ sides and supports their work. We hope even one more creator will produce creatives that will someday change the color of the world.

Creative Execution

It was released on August 25, 2015 on Adobe’s official YouTube channel. Without relying on the reach of advertising, the video earned views through social media and curation sites. Recognized for its topical appeal and quality, it was shown in movie theaters, not as an advertisement but as a work of art. (No advertising costs.)

It was picked up by numerous PR sites/movie theaters. We succeeded at earning a healthy appreciation for Adobe among creators. 97% gave the video a favorable evaluation. The viewership of the LP video increased approximately 600%. Video viewership promotion improved awareness of the product’s latest environment. It contributed greatly to the sales of Adobe CC. The conversion rate was 7.7%. The cost per acquisition decreased 41%. The awareness of Adobe mobile App increased 20%.

It is video content of high quality that creators, who are also users of the Creative Cloud and have discriminating taste, admire and appreciate. Because it is of such high quality, it was shown in movie theaters as a work of art. 

We created the simple story of the “Color Eater,” a metaphor for creators, in which 10 promising Japanese creators who each possess t heir own unique styles created an overwhelmingly dense scene of approximately 10 seconds and when they were connected together they created a diverse and brilliantly colored world.


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