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Name Company Position
Doug Schiff Ogilvy Beijing Executive Creative Director
Teonghoe Teng Ogilvy Beijing Group Creative Director
Manly Zhang Ogilvy Beijing Art Director
Eric Wu Ogilvy Beijing Technical Director
Yeesin Heng Ogilvy Beijing Associate Creative Director
Boula Qu Ogilvy Beijing Associate Creative Director
Beibei Wen Ogilvy Beijing Copywriter
Yu Zhuang Ogilvy Beijing Agency Producer
Hope Hong Ogilvy Beijing Vice President
Vivian Wong Ogilvy Beijing Account Director
Lawrence Wu Ogilvy Beijing PR Consultant
Elsa Liu Ogilvy Beijing PR Director
Fei Yao Beijing YangXi Production Company Film Director

The Campaign

To create a fresher, more sophisticated image for this instant coffee, we scrapped the traditional 30 second commercial, and instead created a long format film to tell a love story, which would allow white collar women to connect with an indulgent story with our instant coffee. In the movie, a man, after meeting a woman for the first time, plays a smart trick by stirring a little magic into a cup of coffee to win her heart.

Creative Execution

To create a big impact, the love story film launched on March 8th, a week before the "White Valentine‘s Day". During the perfect season for love, the film played on-air over 3 weeks in digital channels. Nescafe decided to cooperation with Tencent, once of the biggest online media companies in China,through such diverse channels, such as like Weichat, QQ Video and others. The film quickly reached widespread audiences in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou also ohters first and second tier cities in China.

The result was excellent, it gained over 30 million video views on social media across different video vertical sites. It reach 67% above its target, with a total 1.2 million social engagements and a total of 7.5 billion impressions. During the campaign, there was a 83% sales increase helping Nescafe gain a good amount of market share, as well as favorable impression among female coffee lovers. In addition, the movie brings everyone a sweet ending.

Nescafe presented this mini move "Stirring in Love" during the White Valentine's day, to increase the awareness of a relaunching instant coffee. This 9 minutes film entertain the audience with a lighthearted love story, and the coffee blend in natural in the movie.

Facing first and second tier city's ladies in China, we needed an unique insight to move their heart. Knowing single women outnumbered single men four to one in the city, led to the strategy of a woman longing with true love. To better speak to women, we found a female writer to script the story filling in all kinds of scenes to appease the dream at the bottom of their hearts. And Nescafe successfully invited a famous actor who the topped the Mr. Right ranking on Weibo.


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