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Product / ServiceWWF
CategoryB05. Public Service, Charity & Fund Raising
EntrantBBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
DM/Advertising Agency:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA



Name Company Position
Johnny Tan BBH China Executive Creative Director
Carol Ong BBH China Senior Copywriter
Ken Lu BBH China Copywriter
Yinbo Ma BBH China Senior Art Director
Alex Avis BBH China Art Director
Jasmine Huang BBH China Account Director
Philip Man BBH China Planner
Josephine Peh BBH Singapore Web Producer
Dr. Michael Gervautz Qdero Mobile Executive Producer
Steve Chao Qdero Character Concept Creator
Dr. Daniel Wagner Qdero Augmented Reality Tracking Scientist
Dr. Istvan Barakonyi Qdero Mobile Augmented Reality Producer
Marco Dörflinger Qdero Ar Character Programmer
John Gu Qdero Animator
Oliver Pei Qdero Animator

The Brief

The challenge: To motivate China’s youth to be more involved in WWF’s species protection program. Our idea: Wildlife’s fate is in your hands. To make the issue tangible, we developed the world’s first mobile application where a virtual bear interacts with your environment, in real time. 1. ENGAGE VIRTUALLY. Point your phone anywhere and see how the bear struggles to cope outside its habitat. 2. ENGAGE FOR REAL. The mobile app links directly to WWF China’s sign up page; and to your address book for easy viral sharing through SMS. Our cause is also spread via bloglinks, email, social media.

Creative Execution

Our innovative mobile platform literally puts wildlife’s fate in your hands. It’s a fun, interactive experience that you’ll want to share with friends, and drives you to want to get involved with WWF. This campaign positioned WWF China as the leading environmental NGO, enhancing desirability with corporate sponsors and affinity with Chinese youth.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our goal was to increase online sign ups from Chinese urban youth, 18-29. So we harnessed the power of mobile in a revolutionary way. We created a mobile application that lets you have absolute control over the fate of wildlife, virtually and for real. Point your phonecamera anywhere, and watch the virtual bear struggle to cope in any “strange”, new living environments. Once you’re engaged, the mobile app makes it easy to make a real difference. It links to a WWF China sign up page,; and links to your address book for easy sharing virally through SMS.


In two short weeks: ·3.7 times increase in website visits (534,574 unique visitors)* ·2.34 times more new membership* ·Over RMB114,000 free media from China online press alone. Excluding coverage on national and international TV and press such as Contagious magazine, Channel News Asia, The Strait Times, and more. This is the most successful digital campaign of WWF China. Sources: Webtrends, Media 360+ *vs same period 2008