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Product / ServiceELEMENTS MALL
CategoryD01. Event and Field Marketing
Entrant Company:McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG
DM/Advertising Agency:McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG



Name Company Position
Spencer Wong Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Executive Creative Director
Nick Lim Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Creative Consultant
Mark Kong Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Associate Creative Director
Quentin Yeong Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Associate Creative Director
Gary Lam Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Art Director
James O Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Art Director
Paul Swee Studio 13 Content Production Director
Oggy Cheng Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Designer
Henry Chu Pillow/Pillow Designer
Larvans Laading Kapok Designer
Michael Chan Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Print Production Manager
Alexis Chiu Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Business Director
Avila Law Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Account Director
Jessie Yip Mccann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Account Executive

The Brief

Most malls choose to pull in crowds and promote in-mall spending with coupons, discounts or acrobat shows these sales activities often do not live up to the image of the mall, and some of them even threaten to harm the brand. 'Flirting with sound' is an attempt to break away from what most shopping malls are doing in Hong Kong. At Elements, we'd like to think of ourselves as curator to different forms of art. We explored SOUND with customers. Ever imagined, SOUND could be something else? We transformed Beethoven's Fifith Symphony into many art forms and turned these forms into limited edition products in one integrated campaign, we enrich customers with art, personalized collectibles and thrilling sound-visual stimulation.

Creative Execution

Instead of creating advertising headlines, we have created a lot of interesting story angles for the press to write about and people in town to talk about. The exclusiveness of our limited products were raved and loved by shoppers, fashionistas, art lovers and other influencers alike.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Can you imagine sound as something else? We transformed sound into many different art forms, and turned these forms into a series of limited edition products to reward our loyal customers: from a silver pendant to chocolates, T-shirt, even home decor items for redemption. How about transforming sound live? Inside the mall, we organized a month-long event showcasing the stories and creative process behind our products. We also built a mega Sound Lab with an interactive visualization system that enables visitors to transform and see their voices live. What's more, the event was supported and extended into a fully integrated campaign that encompasses online gaming, mobile advertising and a special press kit, to name a few.


Product redemption rate of over 90%, the best ever product redemption rate for Elements. Even 6 months after the event, we still had people asking us where to get one of the Beethoven chocolates! Generated sales worth of over US$28,000,000. 36 number of free media titles, with an estimated value of over US$500,000.