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CategoryD01. Event and Field Marketing
Entrant Company:OGILVY ACTION Shanghai, CHINA
DM/Advertising Agency:OGILVY ACTION Shanghai, CHINA



Name Company Position
Sean Sim Ogilvy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Choonming Chung Ogilvy Shanghai Creative Director
Kelvin Leong Ogilvy Shanghai Creative Director
Ryan Kam Ogilvy Shanghai Senior Art Director
Emile Chan Ogilvy Shanghai 3d Art Director
Xiao Kun Ogilvy Shanghai Art Director
Joan Zheng Ogilvy Shanghai Copywriter
Regina Ng Ogilvy Shanghai Group Account Director

The Brief

Every year thousands of pet dogs go missing in Shanghai, causing heartache for their owners. To solve this, FOUND launched their new GPS pet tracking collar and marketed to key pet shops around the city. The objectives were (i) to communicate directly with dog owners and highlight the benefits of FOUND in an impactful and innovative manner and (ii) drive a 10% sales increase at participating outlets. The strategy was to engage dog owners directly when they are most conscious of their pets – i.e. during the evenings when they walk their dogs, mostly at or around Shanghai’s numerous parks.

Creative Execution

The key insight is that many dog owners here don’t see their pets as just dogs – they have come to see them as a member of their family. Losing their pet is like losing a member of the family. The floating eyeball that followed the dogs was effective as it drove home the message “Let FOUND keep an eye on your beloved pet for you”. With this GPS collar, owners can track their dogs via a connection to their mobile phones. It is literally having an eye in the sky to keep tabs on their pet.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

A number of inflatable helium-filled plastic eyeballs were created and attached via a long line to a “four-legged” media channel – worker dogs. These eyeball dogs were then allowed to roam freely around a number of the city’s parks. The final effect was a giant floating eyeball that followed the dog every where it went. The dogs were accompanied by promoters with information leaflets to engage interested and bemused pet owners. Attracting much attention at targeted locations of parks, the campaign elicited great response amongst dog owners which led to a five-fold increase in targeted sales of FOUND.


This is a clear case that you didn’t need a big media budget to get successful sales. Leveraging a unique alternative media that attracted lots of attention it helped the target focus on the single-minded message of the campaign. In a post-campaign awareness report, 70% of dog owners surveyed remembered FOUND and its benefits. The end results were that FOUND sales at participating pet shops hit 50% - i.e. 5 times above the original 10% target. Initial stocks were sold out within one month of the campaign. This made the company, and a lot of dog owners very happy.