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Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
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The Campaign

Defining the lifestage before becoming bedridden as a unique period, clarifying the symptoms of the orthopedic dificiencies, giving it a name and a solution, and allowing people to recognize it can make an issue out of this problem. First, we gave the symptoms a name, Locomotive Syndrome, and nicknamed it LOCOMO. Then, we invented a simple test that anyone can challenge anywhere; stand up from a chair on one foot. According to the level of symptoms, orthopedists diagnose for a set of excersize or medical care. The simplicity of the word and concept, along with the shocking fact that 1 out of 3 Japanese citizens are at risk of LOCOMO quickly caught attention of media, gained target recognition and affected their behavior change.


- We involved many media by press releases and events, appealing that the LOCOMO is a major crisis of super-aging-society Japan. -With the fact that 1/3 of the population is at risk of LOCOMO, we provoked a counteraction business opportunity. More than 120 companies developed products and services, which then self-promoted LOCOMO through their product promotions. - We engaged more than 700 local governments across the country by the simple LOCOMO Risk Test tool and they held seminars of LOCOMO. - Our initiatives appealed to orthopedic surgeons nationwide, which grew to over 1,500 "LOCOMO Advice Doctors" in all the 47 prefectures in Japan. - We held seminars for local residents to train 3,000 “Evangelistic LOCOMO Mates”. - We urged the Japan government and Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare adopted LOCOMO as one of the national health goals, which is “80% of Japanese are aware of LOCOMO by 2023.”

Tier 1: Media Outputs - 1.0 billion impressions were earned through Japanese media: TV programs featuring healthcare, talk shows, news programs, national newspapers, and healthcare magazines / websites. - LOCOMO was reported as a serious social problem faced by Japan, a very rapidly aging society, pioneering the global aging issue. Many news anchor and celebrities challenged the simple LOCOMO Risk test, were unable to stand up from the chair on one leg, and their shocked faces were reported as clear news of locomotive organ failures. Tier 2: Target Audience Outcomes - LOCOMO awareness among our target (females in their 70 's, with the highest risk of LOCOMO) achieved 80%. - Those who understood LOCOMO were noticed to be exercising three times more than those who do not understand LOCOMO. Tier 3: Business Outcomes - A third-party research showed that the size of the market for LOCOMO related products and services reached 1.3 billion USD. - A WHO Director, Dr. John Beard, visited to watch LOCOMO initiatives and evaluated LOCOMO Challenge as "an advanced healthcare initiative, seen nowhere else in the world. ", which was reported on a national major newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun. - Locomotive Syndrome is listed in the latest edition of The Kojien, one of the most famous and authoritative dictionaries in Japan.

The Situation

The LOCOMO Challenge was brought to life as a nation-wide action first from a small team of orthopedists and us, forming a promoting council in the name of NPO LOCOMO Challenge Council. Without business sector alliance, budget was very limited. However, we were confident that this social wellness issue of overcoming locomotive organ deficiencies of age was alerting enough to catch attention as long as we had a strong and simple concept to change perception, and a simple call-to-action to involve every orthopedists and change activity in the society. So, PR strategy was taken for alliance formation and media coverage.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to involve multi-dimensional stakeholders under the common banner of LOCOMO Challenge, revitalize the discussion, make LOCOMO a national concern, and initiate countermeasures. To build a social goal, we fomed together with the Japanese Orthopaedic Association an NPO “LOCOMO Challenge Council” for PR and stakeholder engagement. The core story for PR was the fact that one third of the whole Japanese population are at risk of LOCOMO, and the promotion of the simple test of standing up from a chair on one foot. Our core target is female in her 70’s with the highest risk of LOCOMO, and the target media is mass media reaching these elderlies, that is, TV programs featuring healthcare, talk shows, news programs, national newspapers, healthcare magazines / websites. These media welcomed actionable contents, and many TV shows on-aired the LOCOMO test with renowned personels.


Name Company Position
Takeshi Muro HAKUHODO Inc. Integrated Marketing Director
Yohei Murakoshi HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director
Masahiko Futara HAKUHODO Inc. PR Director
Toru Yasukawa HAKUHODO Inc. Copywriter
Kazuko Tanaka HAKUHODO Inc. Facilitator
Kazuki Okamoto HAKUHODO Inc. Designer
Mariko Noguchi HAKUHODO Inc. Resource Portfolio Manager
Tatsuya Asakawa HAKUHODO Inc. Account Executive
Kotaro Tachiya HAKUHODO Inc. PR Director
Naoko Miyagawa HAKUHODO Inc. PR Director
Yoshiaki Hikita HAKUHODO Inc. Copywriter
Kenji Ooishi HAKUHODO Inc. Account Director
Takashi Ohe LOCOMO Challenge Council Chairman/ Orthopaedic Surgeon
Madoka Igarashi J. Public Relations, Inc. PR Planner
Naoko Takahashi OZMA Inc. PR Planner
Aki Tanaka R’s park Incorporated Producer
Ryoko Oishi R’s park Incorporated Producer
Takashi Marukawa AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Ayaka Yamada AOI Pro. Inc. Director
Yuko Saino SEESAW Inc. Designer
Yoshiko Akita SEESAW Inc. Web Designer
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