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The Campaign

To reinforce the message, we highlighted an unknown fact that "hair attracts pollution 3x more than skin". To raise awareness on this issue, we created a specially built billboard located in the busiest area in Bangkok. The billboard featured a gigantic hair billboard mimicking human hair. Dictated by the real-time air pollution measurement device, the billboard was set to release hair when the air pollution index exceeded the acceptable standard of 50 psi.

Creative Execution

The billboard was covered with ropes that mimicking hair. Each strand was attached via a hook to a rod. This rod was set to release one strand every time the pollution index went above the good standard of 50 psi. The higher the number, the more "hair" it released. Based on the real-time measurement, all "hair" was fully gone in ten days, revealing the message from the brand to protect one's hair from pollution and also demonstrating how air pollution can damage the hair.

We successfully shone a light on the invisible enemy of hair, which was not known before, the pollution. Our gigantic Hair Falling billboard inspired a conversation online, where people discussed the fact of Bangkok's rising air pollutant, and how it would affect the health, from the skin to hair. The billboard and its amplification had a significant impact on the sales. Pantene Thailand reached the highest sales growth by 11%, placed Pantene back to its position as the leading hair care in Thailand.

To demonstrate the effects of pollutions to hair. We create the campaign played with the media distribution. We built a billboard located in the busiest area in Bangkok which always full of pollutions and traffic jams.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

To reach our audience at the right moment, we leveraged the data from Bangkok AQI (Air Quality Index), a trusted real-time air measurement in Thailand where the data triggered our billboard to release "hair" whenever the pollution went above the good standard. The billboard was covered with ropes that mimicked hair. We installed the billboard on Saturday when traffic was low, and pollution was not high. The third day was Monday. The traffic was at its worse in the rush hour, when our audience were commuting. As the AQI measurement went above the standard, a few strands of hair was released. In ten days, the hair was fully released, revealing the message from Pantene. We filmed the whole process and launched it online. To amplify the message, we also did location-based outdoor ads all around Thailand, where each of the ads showed messages relevant to the placement location.


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