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CategoryB11. Use of Technology
Idea Creation 2 INTEL INSIDE AGENCY San Francisco, USA
Media Placement 2 YELLOW STONE MEDIA Beijing, CHINA
Production INTEL INSIDE AGENCY San Francisco, USA
Production 2 RADICAL MEDIA New York, USA
Production 3 THE MISSION STUDIO Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company INTEL Santa Clara, USA

The Campaign

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the face is the house to all emotion. So, Intel used China’s most recognizable face to demonstrate its 3D face-tracking technology. The music video concept is a journey through a symbolic world of Chris Lee’s emotions, all driven by the intricate movements of her face.

Creative Execution

There were 37 pieces of content released on 3 social platforms from Oct 25th to Oct 30th which included 24 pieces of Weibo, 11 Wechat, and 2 Toutiao, generating 24.6M+ social impression/read, 9.4M+ engagements. Ranking #3, Weibo hashtag #?????# (Thousand-face Chris Lee) gained positive IWOM with 96.5M social impression/read, 268K discussion and 2,137 followers. Hashtag discussion highly embraced how Intel AI helped the top celebrity icon produce her music video. By integrating with offline experience, an interactive billboard let fans decode the production process with AI equation featured, generating 37.1K PV, avg. spent 1 min+ with 13% sharing action. There are 3 live streams on Yi Zhibo featured tech, music, and fashion influencers whose avg. peak visits reached over 350K, vividly showcasing how Intel 3D mapping tech served as hero engine of CL’s MV, and how AI fits with people’s lifestyle.

In the weeks following launch, 1112 media clippings mentioned the music video and partnership with Intel, leading to 54 original stories, and 99% message playback, 86% of which included “Intel Artificial Intelligence” keywords. There were over 20 million views of the music video and 120 million social impressions. Brand indicators were significantly uplifted: UP 29% - Intel’s leadership in Artificial Intelligence UP 21% - Intel is more innovative than competitors jumped UP 22% - Intel creates breakthrough technology jumped UP 26% - Intel is more than just PCs jumped.

Looking to change its perception within artificial intelligence in China, Intel didn’t just partner with the biggest pop star in the country – it created a real-time 3D facial mapping algorithm and impressed her enough to write a new song, just so she could create a music video using the technology. Then, it was unveiled through an integrated PR campaign, House of Emotion, including an experiential event for media members, partnership with key opinion leaders, promotion by the artist herself, and a live concert featuring the technology in the music video.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our target for the campaign was 3 distinct groups of millennials: -Savvy Adopters -Music/entertainment lovers -Fashion followers Integrated media planning covering traditional & social media, as well as live-stream media platform; created trending topic on Weibo; delivered highly-engaging content. Media channels and formats adopted all matched the media consumption habits of the target audience. On October 27 in Chengdu, Intel and pop icon Chris Lee launched the World 1st Music Video powered by Intel AI Technology. On the same day in the same city, the Intel Branding Night was held, giving a holistic demonstration of the achieved brand cases and explaining how Intel’s brand transformation relates to artificial intelligence. Riding on the hot topic and media interests for the debut of the Chris Lee AI MV, the Branding Night, at its perfect timing, achieved the double objectives at both levels of brand uplift and AI leadership.


Name Company Position
Selina Teng Ogilvy Beijing President
Janie Ma Ogilvy Beijing VP of Entertainment Marketing
Amanda Li Ogilvy Beijing Consultant of Entertainment
Huanyue Liu Ogilvy Beijing Group Creative Director
Bing Liang Ogilvy Beijing Associate Creative Director
Shakti Yang Ogilvy Beijing Account Director
Cherrie Su Ogilvy Beijing Senior Account Manager
Steven Fund Intel Chief Marketing Officer
Teresa Herd Intel VP, Global Creative Director
Paul Lu Intel PRC Brand & Creative Director
Spin Peng Intel PRC Brand Manager
Misha Wu Intel PRC Creative Manager
Meng Yan Intel PRC Social Media Manager
Kacie Zhang Intel PRC Event Manager
Coco Zhang Intel PRC PR Manager
Shandong Wang Intel Lab China Senior Researcher
Yogiraj Graham Intel Angency Inside Global Director, Creative Content Labs
Dave Williams Intel Angency Inside Group Creative Director
Caspian Michalowski Intel Angency Inside Group Creative Director
Warren Frost Intel Angency Inside Creative Director
AJ Musial Intel Angency Inside Creative Director
JP Giannettoni Intel Angency Inside Executive Producer
Paul Golubovich Intel Angency Inside Senior Producer
Paul Golubovich Intel Angency Inside Senior Producer
Dayna Carroll Intel Angency Inside Account Director
Lisa Christman Intel Angency Inside Senior Producer / Broadcast Manager
Patrick Ferguson The Mission Studio VFX Supervisor
Rain Li CAA Director of Photography
Timothy Saccenti Radical Media Director
Yang Liu Yellow Stone CEO
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