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Product / ServiceNIKE RUNNING
CategoryB02. Use of Audio Platforms
EntrantAKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation AKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production AKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Production 2 GREEN UNITED MUSIC Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

To inspire the once booming and now plateauing sport of running in China, we created Nike Role-Playing Run, a series of audio-guided run stories on QQ Music (China’s Social Music platform) that transports your run to distant jungles, alien invasions and symphonic streets. By combining the moving power of music, the theatrical drama of storytelling, and the motivation of coaching, RPR welcomes a new era of Nike Running in China. Every step you run, reveals the plot.

Creative Execution

Three story run tracks guide our runners through their athletic journey. Designed with Nike coaches, each story arc follows the pacing of an authentic training session – starting with a warm-up, ramping you up to peak performance and sustaining the beat to keep you going. Original music scores were amplified with audio narrated storylines from musician Li Ronghao, rookie runner Liang Jinsheng, and star sprinter Ge Manqi. Finally, “binaural mixing” immersed you in spatial 3D environments, making it really feel like that dinosaur is trailing close behind you. At the end of the campaign period, your run training culminated into the Nike Music Run / QQ Music festival. _ MEDIA + “CHOOSE GO” Audio Podcast / Playlist on QQ Music + QQ Music media push (2X) open ad / header ad + WeChat Posts (3X) + Weibo Push (6X) to NRC audio guides - 3 athletes + 3 coach guides

_ RESULTS 1.2M ENGAGEMENTS +122% 611M Total IMPRESSIONS +112% 5.6M TOTAL CLICKS TO QQ AGR +130% RUNNER UPTAKE +5% 5KM RUNNERS +2% 10KM RUNNERS Compared to 2017 100% 1km Runners

We created a new form of training audio by hijacking QQ Music, China’s Social Music platform, and created run stories, a series of audio guided run stories, where each episode inspired and guided your running journey. In doing so, we reinvented the playlist, fusing storybooks, music and coaching into a new form of running guide.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Running isn’t easy. We listen to music and podcasts to distract ourselves from the routine monotony. But what if Nike reimagined the running experience and immersed runners in stories that unveiled with each step in your stride? EP01 : UNSTUCK YOUR CREATIVITY. CHOOSE GO. Re-discover your love for the same old streets and see them in a new light, realizing that inspiration can be found around the corner with musician Li Ronghao. EP02 : GAME THE RUN. CHOOSE GO. Realize how running itself can be as fun, immersive and liberating as a video game with rookie runner Liang Jinsheng. EP03 : EXCUSES, EXCUSES. CHOOSE GO. Test your will power by running through mental distractions and imaginary obstacles with star sprinter Ge Manqi. Just go and don’t look back.


Name Company Position
Eric Cruz AKQA Shanghai ECD
Derek Lui AKQA Shanghai ACD
Mee Yee Foong AKQA Shanghai Sr. Art Director
Daisy Liu AKQA Shanghai Writer
Miranda Yuan AKQA Shanghai Writer
Achur Chen AKQA Shanghai Sr. Writer
Ines Li AKQA Shanghai Sr Writer
Sia Song AKQA Shanghai Designer
Jochen Wang AKQA Shanghai Designer
Cheng Zi AKQA Shanghai Designer
Viola Ping AKQA Shanghai Project Manager
Marvin Yan AKQA Shanghai Account Manager
Ceci Hu AKQA Shanghai Social Account Manager
Kaysee Jeng AKQA Shanghai Social Account Executive
Magdiel Lopez AKQA Shanghai Illustrator
Shotopop UK Amanacliq SH Illustrator
Dan Matutina Plus63 / Hydra Design Group Illustrator
Egle Zvirblyte Amanacliq SH Illustrator
Thomas Faucheur Green United Music Executive Producer
Fabien Langard Green United Music Producer
Ronald Qiu Green United Music Producer
Man Jiahao Green United Music Sound Designer
Stephane Prin Green United Music Music Composer
Alain Governatori Green United Music Music Composer
Damien Salençon Green United Music Music Composer
Charles Caste Green United Music Music Composer
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