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Production MOMENTUM Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

We discovered that most Porsche owners buy into the brand because they want an authentic race car that’s built for the road. Deep down, Porsche owners are real drivers – or at least they aspire to be. And they know that serious automotive hardware demands a serious driver. To put a Porsche through its paces, and really see what it can do, demands a certain level of skill. So if you want to drive a Porsche – any Porsche – you’re going to need more than just an ordinary driver’s licence. Our idea: Licence to Thrill. Earning this ‘special licence’ wouldn’t be easy. But we knew our target audience was highly competitive by nature. Moreover, it would serve as a badge of honour and a unique endorsement by one of the most iconic automotive brands.

Creative Execution

The recruitment phase ran for two months. During this period, our launch films showed off the unique dynamics of the different models, while offering participants a glimpse of the challenges to come. Viewers who proceeded to the online Theory Test were drilled on their knowledge of Porsche racing history, design, technology and more. This allowed us to filter down to a shortlist of hardcore fans who could really go the distance. 28 top scorers were then brought to the ultimate testing ground – Malaysia’s Formula 1 racetrack, the Sepang International Circuit – to take part in our final event. On the day, professional drivers guided the ‘students’ through a series of unique and exhilarating challenges. Those who made the grade were issued with a coveted Porsche Licence to Thrill, with the top performer also being crowned Porsche Asia Pacific Driver of the Year.

Our online films garnered 6.8 million views, as well as 330,000 reactions, comments and shares on Facebook. This translated into a cost-per-view of just SGD$0.01 (20x lower than industry benchmarks). In addition, extensive media coverage generated PR valued at SGD$900,000 (USD$680,000), with a total reach of 50 million. The microsite received 12,317 visitors, with the highest web traffic coming from those aged 25-44, fulfilling our goal of connecting with a younger demographic. In total, 3,706 people completed the Theory Test, with an average website dwell time of 11 minutes. The finalists were highly impressed with the event itself: 92% of the participants felt that the event exceeded their expectations. The campaign also led to a significant uplift in sales (*please see details under ‘Confidential information for the jury’).

This project started as a limited tactical brief. We took the opportunity to elevate it into a wide-ranging strategic campaign, hinging on our hero on-ground event. The objective? To bring to life the essence of the Porsche brand, in its natural habitat – the racetrack. We used digital to reach out across multiple markets, recruiting auto fans, and then shortlisting down to our final participants. While only a select few could progress to the final event, by combining digital touchpoints with an on-ground experience, we created a powerful halo effect, building awareness, generating leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our target audience included owners of Porsche models, as well as competitor brands, and auto fans at large. In the initial recruitment phase, we needed to connect with a broad and diverse audience, across 12 markets, and get them excited about the programme. The most efficient and impactful way of doing that? Via digital channels. Our media strategy centred on the effective targeting of car enthusiasts and C-suite executives, while leveraging the strength of our owned content platforms. The campaign consisted of a recruitment phase, a selection phase, and the final event. During recruitment, three online films – propagated via social media channels – created awareness and drove participation. These films led viewers to a purpose-built microsite, where they could take an online Theory Test. The top scorers were then selected for the final on-ground event – the Practical Test.


Name Company Position
Andrew Hook Havas Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Kelvin Lim Havas Singapore Creative Director
Shervin Seah Havas Singapore Creative Group Head
Danli Lok Havas Singapore Agency Producer
Antoine de La Seiglière Havas Singapore Regional Group Account Director | Director of Operations SEA
Glenn Chan Havas Singapore Account Manager
Gereld Khoong Havas Singapore Strategic Planner
Pervyn Lim The Momentum Pte Ltd Executive Producer
Joshua Tan The Momentum Pte Ltd Producer
Tov Belling The Momentum Pte Ltd Director/DOP
Anthony Hall The Momentum Pte Ltd Key Grip
Pete Singh The Tankers Sdn Bhd Head of Production Support
Sare Raman The Tankers Sdn Bhd Line Producer
Jeremy Zainal The Tankers Sdn Bhd 1st Assistant Director
Attan The Tankers Sdn Bhd Sound Recordist
Donny Pereira Song Zu Singapore Executive Producer
Lindsey Jehan Song Zu Singapore Music Director
Damien Waddell Song Zu Singapore Head of Sound Design
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