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The Campaign

In India, almost every household has talented kid; be it academic, sportsman musician or a painter. But the tough competition today creates a pressure environment, where only achievements are rewarded. Winning has become more important than participating and failure in anyway, is unthinkable!! Parents leave no stone unturned to ensure the child has a “Successful Future”. There has been more than ever emphasis on “Winning”. • India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates amongst aged 12-20 • 5% of children and adolescents in the general population suffer from depression at any given point in time The reality of life is that they are likely to encounter failure more often than success. How they learn from the experience and pick them up to do better is what defines them in the long run. As a brand Surf Excel, wanted to bring forth this to parents and showcase that

Creative Execution

The learning journey was expressively weaved in every episode, when Kids completed their performance he would share the journey of learning from failure moment how positive approach from coaches helped kids to flip the lens on failure and continue to pursue their passion with gusto! Not just music, but life lessons like winning over stage fright, overcoming pressure and continuous learning. Key Highlight of this association: • Learning Zone: Every week contestants spoke about how mentor’s helped them to flip the lens on failure • Special episode on “ Learning from failure”: Contestants, Parents &Mentor pledged to always encourage kids to never give up on learning • Celebrities Learning from failure moments : Mentors& Celeb spoke about their journey to motivate the kids to continue learning without worrying about winning

• Show Reached 49 millions Homes • Spontaneous Awareness increased by 800 BPS • Brand Conviction increased by 500 Basis point • Top the Mind awareness rose by 600 BPS • Key KPI “The Belief that getting dirty is part of living a full and rich life by • 400 BPS

We bought the brand philosophy of “LearningFromFailure” alive on Media through the core strategic thought. Using Moments of parenting that are on display for public at large and initiating open dialogue on the issue led by influential celebs to trigger positive changes that can be induced in everyday parenting. The influencers were very carefully chosen who have success today in their chosen field but people who had faced failure in the past. The campaign was treated differentially; we did not look at the campaign with the typical media lens. We considered it as brand philosophy, needed to be brought alive.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Surf Excel’s “Learning From Failure” campaign was designed to influence the parents to introspect on the new age parenting. The new age parenting focusses more on achievement than on learning. Therefore, it was imperative that the brand be present at occasions where parenting was at display. Reality shows on TV as a genre is extensively watched & followed especially the kid reality shows. It is not only thrilling but it also creates an emotional cord with the parents who want to see their own kids on the platform. The platform seemed perfect to bring alive the new proposition of the brand in a competitive environment where the pressure of winning is reasonably high.


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