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CategoryC02. Use of Real-time Data
EntrantPHD Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation PHD Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement PHD Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Olivia Sutherland PepsiCo Marketing Director ANZ, Snacks Portfolio
Lauren Mather PepsiCo Seniro Brand Manger
Ben Lynch PHD Media Planning Director
Noel Gate PHD Media Business Manager
Stephanie Douglas-Neal PHD Media Executive Group Business Director
Beatriz Grattan-Smith PHD Media Team Executive

The Campaign

Red Rock Deli pride themselves on being flavour experts and the producers of the most imaginative flavour combinations in the salty snack category. So, when they created their first pop-up store in Australia they wanted consumers to experience the atmosphere associated with a boutique or luxury store. Typically, these types of FMCG branded activations are chaotic. Additionally, media is typically used as a means of driving as much traffic as possible to such activations, rather than controlling it for the sake of the visitors’ experience. Being the innovative brand that is Red Rock Deli, we didn’t want their visitors to be exposed to their brand in this way because premium brand experiences aren’t chaotic. They allow consumers to spend quality time with the brand and its products, leaving them with a positively impressive perception of the brand and its products.

Creative Execution

By creating a three-way link between Taste Space live sales, our digital trade desk and our ad-sever, a seamless automated process was initiated every 10-minutes. 1. An API feed was built between the ‘Taste Space’ point of sales system and our digital trade desk, allowing us to see in real time the sales volumes and flavours being sold. 2.Our digital trade desk used rule-based machine learning to raise or lower the bid to buy digital media, which was geo-targeted to the stores general area. 3. The ad-server also deployed dynamic advertising based on trending flavour variants, specifically avoiding unavailable flavours to avoid failing to meet consumer expectations in-store. Overtime our algorithm became more sophisticated and predictive, reacting within minutes of a drop or peak in sales, therefore creating a digital campaign which optimised itself in real time.

Through our reactive sales data model, the brand experience delivered the premium atmosphere needed to impress visitors’ perception of Red Rock Deli. In the Australian state Taste Space was live we saw: A 41% uplift in the brand image metrics ‘Are Great Tasting’. A 38% uplift in brand image ‘Have flavours you like’. Our activity grew brand consideration to an impressive 38%. Analysis showed that our model improved over time. By the end of the campaign, we could see the model anticipating high and low points across the day. Our approach created the most insightful and actionable digital trading model used for a retail store, driving sales in real time each day.

Red Rock Deli’s Sync to Sales campaign implemented the use of digital media in the smartest way possible to create and maintain an orderly and atmospheric brand experience in Red Rock Deli’s pop-up store ‘Taste Space’. A data-driven media campaign was central to achieving this because it informed and influenced the distribution of digital media activity in real time, which in turn managed the orderly flow of traffic to Taste Space. Data was the conductor of a beautifully orchestrated digital media campaign that produced a foolproof tune of visitors flowing in to taste Red Rock Deli’s latest flavour combinations.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

This therefore created a unique challenge for us: How do we use media and data in a way to manage and hence maximise the quality experience visitors would encounter at Taste Space? To create a truly reactive media campaign we utilised live sales data to determine the flighting of our digital media. When Taste Space got busy, our sales sensitive trading model eased the volume of ads. Alternatively, when it was quieter, we increased the distribution of activity to drive traffic in-store.