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CategoryC01. Use of Data Driven Insight
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The Campaign

Data led us to creation of Content To understand what will work best for the Indian Mom we leveraged our Insighting Engine- The POLYCHROME to combine fast-moving big data (Search and Social signals, DMP data, Content on Youtube) with slow-moving proprietary research data (Live panel, FGDs) to decode the behavioral and psychographic DNA of the mom 1)2.5 Mn recipes searches is for foods 2)50% searched are for tiffin recipes 3)Search for tiffin queries peak post-summer 4) Search for tiffin recipes grow 400% YOY 5)Searches for Tiffin recipe has the highest correlation (0.96) with the search for snacks 6)75% of mother follow celebrity chefs 7)60% of mothers are influenced by mothers 8)74% of mothers look for the solution online Research stated directly that young mothers are searching for healthy tiffin recipe content across platforms but there lacked

Creative Execution

IMPLEMENTATION: We Created Seek-out videos & planned right media touch points (Content, Connect & Commerce), KTT – “KISSAN TIFFIN TIMETABLE”: A mix of Celebrity Chefs, Food Influencers and Real Mothers came together to become Team Kissan, which was designed to achieve: • Celebrities Chef increased awareness • Food influencers increased Engagement • Real mothers increased Stickiness, Relatability & Sharability MEDIA CHANNEL & INTEGRATION: We Created 200 recipes that were unique, healthy, tasty, and quick fixes for moms. • Facebook: Every KTT week began with Facebook Live on Friday releasing 5 recipe • You Tube: 81% Mothers watched the videos on mobile • Microsite: In addition to a scroll of 200 recipes, chefs could be questioned and the recipes could be shared on Whatsapp. • Twitter: Engaging twitteratties through IFN and influencer’s handles. • Instagram: Appetizing tiffin food shots posted urging Mothers make the recipe

REACH: • Total Reach : 50 Mn+ • Organic Reach: 20Mn+ ENGAGEMENT: • Happy Mom reacting on tweets & Facebook increased • Relevance & Conviction Score for Kissan increased by 2000BPs • Kissan Ketchup score as intergradient for various dish increase by 800BPS & KISSAN JAM by1100BPS ACHEIVEMENT AGAINST BUSINESS TARGET: • Penetration increase by 140 BPS

Kissan Tiffin Timetable is an award winning case study where insights from data was used to choose media platform and to create whole new Channel to solve mother’s biggest angst. To understand what will work best for Mothers we leveraged our Insighting Engine- The POLYCHROME to combine fast moving big data (Search, Social signals, DMP data, Content on Youtube) with slow moving proprietary research data (Livepanel, FGDs) to decode the behavioural and psychographic DNA of mothers Research stated that young mothers are searching for healthy-tiffin-recipe content across platforms but there lacked ONE SUCH PLATFORM WHICH COULD ADDRESS ALL HER ANGST

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

TARGET AUDIENCE: We targeted mother’s whose biggest source of ‘Joy’ when she sees empty-box when the kid returns from school and ‘grief’ when she has to decide what to put for tomorrow! MEDIA: To land the idea we needed a platform and content maker. As per KYVE recommendation on basis of India Food Network - one stop destination for everything about Foods with more than 300K-subscribers emerged as the best platform to Land our Idea “KISSAN-TIFFIN-TIMETABLE” . We roped in top celebrity and home chefs basis their Reach, Relevance and Resonance with mothers to create exclusive Tiffin-recipes with Kissan-Ketchup and Jam as hero ingredient giving HEALTHY and TASTY twist to these recipes. APPROACH: We mapped and identified 200 school days of the year and created India’s first tiffin solution destination, a mammoth repository of 200 tiffin recipes for 200 school days. Thus was born the ‘KISSAN TIFFIN TIMETABLE’ (KKT).


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