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The Campaign

We target at those SMARTS that can identify fraud, and tell them that they need to keep their family safe from fraud as well. We put up a question “Are you one of the SMARTS?” on WeChat Moment Ad. When a viewer clicks this title, he will see a recorded video of an experiment that we conducted, telling him the facts behind the statics. We want them to think about how they should protect their family, and then we provide them a solution – an APP to keep them from fraud, and to forward our content to more people. At the same time, we encourage users to report suspicious numbers, which helps expand our data pool.

Creative Execution

We searched in different provinces for those victims that didn’t tell their family the truth, and invited them and their family for this single blind test without revealing our true intension – to reveal the story behind the data and to record everything. We put this content on WeChat Moments Ad and targeting at those white-collars in key cities, with a digital solution provided in the end of the video, and encourages them to forward the content.

1. Within just one week: 42.13 million interactions forwarded, millions of families signed up, 1 billion impressions generated 2. More than 800 regional bureaus called for participation through official media outlets 3. 243 celebrities voluntarily promoted the event, mainstream media outlets such People’s Daily, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency engaged in further reports generating 550 press articles. 4. Corporate data for the first time provides the backbone for public security. “Guardian Project” escalated into a national initiative. Tencent cooperate with Public Security Bureau to fight telecom & internet fraud. 5. Data, after 6 months, indicates that with the support of Tencent Security Platform, fraud rates have decreased by 27%. 6.“2017 Top 10 Influential Events in China”,reported by 5+ Chinese media outlet

With a viral video of an experiment conducted, we target at those SMARTS – white collars in key cities, who are able to identify fraud yet indifferent towards it. We want to make them start thinking about how they could protect their family safe as well; leveraging their willingness to share their opinions on social platforms, we want them to helps us on forward rate and total impression.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Statics shown that 64% of the victims choose to remain silent, and only 11.7% of those who know it is fraud reported to the police. From the comparison of data collected from WeChat with the data report of fraud, we see that the victims are more from the older group living in less-developed cities, while their children tend to be more well-educated and to have higher income working in key cities – exactly those SMARTS that we have in mind. We made a bold assumption that most of the smart children don’t know their family have been victims of fraud. And our communication targets at them.


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