Product / ServiceMACHBAITO
CategoryA11. Consumer Services
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production T&E Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 PICT Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company KOSEI Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 LESDOIGTS Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Our idea for this YouTube Bumper ad series was to experiment with condensing popular part-time jobs as well as weird part-time jobs into 6-second content. Non-skippable YouTube Bumper ads can be seen as unwanted interruptions to the viewing experience. However, we transformed the shortest form of the non-skippable Bumper ads into entertainment, and changed people's usually negative perception of these ads into a positive one.

Creative Execution

We took advantage of the YouTube Bumper ads that are only 6 seconds long. The brevity of Bumper ads makes them the most effective media for effectively communicating the speedy characteristic of Mach Jobs. We condensed each of the 17 typical Japanese part-time jobs into a 6-second video to illustrate the brand message. Timeline: June 2017 - Ideation and determining creative direction July~August 2017 - Confirming details of the plan September 2017 - Filming and editing October 2017 - Launch

The videos garnered over 1,600,000 views, and were spread across social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook. They also inspired numerous fan-made videos of 6-second part-time jobs. During the campaign period, accesses to the Machbaito recruiting site increased by 3 times, and led to the service provider's highest sales ever.

Mach Jobs videos demonstrate the creative use of shortness of Youtube Bumper ads.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The target audience was young part-time job seekers. As the best media to express the speediness of Mach Jobs, we made the most of the non-skippable 6-second YouTube Bumper ads.


Name Company Position
Hiroki Nakamura PARTY Executive Creative Director
Shumpei Murata DENTSU INC. Creative Director & Planner
Yuki Ohtsu PARTY Copywriter
Kazunori Kawagoshi DENTSU INC. Art Director
Mio Ueda DENTSU INC. Art Director
Kimihiro Takano PARTY Creative Producer
Hiroyuki Nakayama PARTY Account Executive
Takaaki Sasaki T&E Film Producer
Junki Tachibana T&E Production Manager
Kazuya Wada freelance Production Manager
Hiroki Odagiri T&E Production Manager
Keisuke Kuroyanagi freelance Film Director
Takashi Sakurai PICT DoP
Mao Ookawara PICT First Assistant Camera
Jun Terui PICT Gaffer
Naotaka Tomoda PICT Gaffer
Takayuki Inoue freelance Art Department
Tomokazu Yamauchi kosei Casting
Yusuke Yamamura T&E Offline Editor
Tetsuhiro Morinaga T&E Online Editor
Jin Shibayama T&E Colorist
Morioki Migita T&E Mixer
Tomohisa Matsumoto T&E Sound Designer
Harumi Ikenaga Les Doigts Hair-&-Makeup Artist
Manami Oosumi freelance Stylist
Soichi Murayama Platinum PR Staff
Takumi Nakao Platinum PR Staff
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