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CategoryB03. Use of Print / Outdoor
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 TOW Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

We first wrote a message of empowerment, which consisted of 106 syllables. We then invited 106 influential women professionals in a variety of fields to leave their own mark on this statement. They did this by applying a KISSME lipstick and leaving a lipstick mark on a sheet of paper, while mouthing one of the syllables in the statement. We then lined up the lipstick marks below the syllables to complete the statement. In the process, we were able to demonstrate that lipstick was not a decorative item applied for the pleasure of others, but a powerful tool for self-expression.

Creative Execution

A public unveiling of the statement was held in March in honor of International Women’s Day. It was posted on a 3-by-6-meter board set up in Shibuya, an area in Tokyo that is popular among young women. The 106 contributors helped publicize the unveiling through social media. For those who couldn’t make the event, we posted the statement online along with a making-of movie and detailed information on who left which lipstick mark. Our hope was that word on this project would spread primarily through the contributors’ online followers and fans.

Thanks to word of mouth from the statement’s contributors and their online followers and fans, the project was widely covered in social media and on various news websites. As a result, we were able to deliver our statement encouraging women to live free of societal constraints to a sizable audience. In the process, we were also able to change the popular image of lipstick as a decoration applied for the pleasure of others into that of a powerful tool for self-expression.

The project’s objective was to transform the image of lipstick as a decoration applied for the pleasure of others into that of a tool for self-expression—in other words, a communicative medium.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

We conducted a survey that revealed that among all age groups, women aged 18-29 were most likely to say that it was difficult to be themselves in today’s society. This was why, when looking for contributors, we focused mostly on influential women professionals in this age range. We also sought out contributors in as many different fields as possible—they included eyebrow stylists, singers, culinary researchers, psychologists, voice actors, and advertising professionals—to present a diverse range of women who have established their voices in their respective professions.


Name Company Position
Junta Yoshikawa Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Shingo Hiraoka Dentsu Inc. Solution Director
Asami Sakae Dentsu Inc. Solution Director
Mariko Fukuoka Dentsu Inc. Copy Writer
Nao Karakida Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Fumi Annoura Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Takato Akiyama Dentsu Inc. Communication Planner
Masaya Yomaru Dentsu Inc. PR Planner
Sezan Iseda Dentsu Inc. Director
Kaya Sato Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Sagae Hiroyuki Dentsu Creative X Inc. Producer
Takahiro Kobashi Dentsu Creative X Inc. Production Manager
Shota Higashi Dentsu Creative X Inc. Designer
Shoko Okada Dentsu Creative X Inc. Designer
Ryosuke Harashima Dentsu Creative X Inc. Retoucher
Akihiro Kitamura Dentsu Creative X Inc. Retoucher
Satoko Yanagihara Dentsu Creative X Inc. Editor
Yuya Kanase TOW CO.,LTD Interactive Producer
Chikako Hata TOW CO.,LTD Event Producer
Takashi Aoki TOW CO.,LTD WEB Director
Yuya Hamamura Platinum, Inc. PR Consultant
Karen Matsuba Platinum, Inc. PR Consultant
Ayaka Yamasaki Platinum, Inc. PR Consultant
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