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CategoryE01. Use of Integrated Media
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 DOMANI Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 TOW Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company HITO TO HITO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 AMANA Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Based on research indicating that drawing pictures made people happy, we invited the public to “play with their food” by drawing pictures on our SOH ice cream—a campaign that made use of the fact that SOH is packaged as a cube that gives it the look of a canvas-like square, instead of as a cylinder like other ice cream products. We wanted to create an entirely new kind of eating experience—one that combined eating food with making art. To encourage the public to get on board with our campaign, we developed special ice cream spoons with ends shaped like pencils and other art tools, and gave them to our customers for free. Essentially, these were toys designed to trigger our customers’ creative impulses—and to remind them that there was a time in their childhoods when they used to play with their food with total abandon.

Creative Execution

Following a press conference and video launch, we distributed 480,000 spoons to supermarkets around Japan, where they were handed out to customers for free. TV ads showed famous people displaying their ice cream art. Meanwhile, we solicited works from thirty celebrities—including illustrators, comedians, rock bands, and baseball players—and asked them to upload their ice cream art to social media. We then incorporated these works in outdoor and online advertising. We also organized ice cream drawing events in areas of central Tokyo that get a lot of foot traffic, and we displayed works created by the public. In the process, we generated enthusiasm for a brand new eating experience that involved playing with one’s food.

From cute works by children to surprisingly detailed sculpture-like works, many images of ice cream art were uploaded to social media, garnering 100,000 likes and nearly 8 million social media impressions. The campaign also received exposure on over 1,000 online and offline media, including on TV, which provided publicity worth $5 million. YouTube celebrities uploaded unsolicited videos of themselves creating ice cream art. Eighty percent of surveyed customers said that playing with their ice cream in this way made them feel happy. Some people were even willing to pay money to get a hold of the special spoons, which were limited in supply. Following the campaign, sales of SOH ice cream at convenience stores increased 108%.

We developed a campaign for SOH ice cream that utilized the ice cream’s unique packaging—a cube that gives it the look of a canvas-like square—to sell the idea that SOH was designed for playing, in the form of ice cream art. This involved developing special spoons designed for making ice cream art and giving them to customers for free, as well as using images of ice cream art in our advertising. In focusing the campaign on experience rather than new flavors, we were able to tap into a deeper need among our customers and successfully boosted sales.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our goal was twofold. One was to create a user-led campaign in which customers generated conversation about the campaign by uploading their favorite works of ice cream art to social media. The second goal was to generate public approval for an activity—playing with one’s food—that is considered socially inappropriate.


Name Company Position
Noritaka Kobuse DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Junta Yoshikawa DENTSU INC. Communication Planner
Satoshi Takahashi DENTSU INC. Communication Planner
Masaya Yomaru DENTSU INC. PR Planner
Yusuke Tsukamoto DENTSU INC. CM Planner
Yusuke Tsukamoto DENTSU INC. CM Planner
Yohei Saito DENTSU INC. Art Director
Yaichi Kubo DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Masataka Wakamatsu DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Ryo Ito DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Koji Abe DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC. Creative Producer
Takumi Shiihashi DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Procucer
Naoya Ogata DENTSU CREATIVE X INC. Procucer
Nobuya Mizuguchi DOMANI INC. Production Maneger
Aki Koseki free-lance Director
Kei Terayama TAIYOKIKAKU Co.,Ltd. Producer
Naoto Suzuki TAIYOKIKAKU Co.,Ltd. Production Manager
Takuro Watabe free-lance Director
Yuzuru Suzuki TOW Co.,Ltd. Promotion Producer
Masayoshi Kamata TAKI corporation Designer
Takumi Miura TAKI corporation Designer
Noriyuki Komuro TAKI corporation Producer
Hayato Satomi amana inc. Chief Producer
Shohei Ueki amana inc. Producer
Yu Horii INITIAL inc. PR Planner
Yusuke Shinoda INITIAL inc. PR Planner
Yuki Takeuchi SUNNY SIDE UP INC. Producer
Toru Sawai SUNNY SIDE UP INC. Director
Takanori Inagaki HITO TO HITO INC. Producer
Takashi Maeno Keio Univ. Supervisor
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