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The Campaign

We took on a stern command that every girl in India had heard at least once in her life from authority figures like teachers, parents, grandparents or even the neighbourhood aunt. That command was ‘Sit Properly’. If proper meant being stiff and uncomfortable, we wanted girls to feel just the opposite. Thus was born ‘Sit Improper’. It was a message led by a product innovation that provided ‘comfort on the skin’, encouraging girls to sit the way they wanted to and not the way in which they had been taught- during their periods, and also every other day.

Creative Execution

• Sit Improper brand film: We started off with a brand film titled ‘Sit Improper’ featuring girls sitting in what society would deem ‘improper’ sitting positions being admonished by an authoritative voice. Their belief? Improper is just more fun, more free, more liberating. Improper is just more comfortable. • Content pieces with Girliyapa We tied up with Girliyapa to create content pieces that endorsed the idea and also had product integration. These include: • Class of 2017 - featuring popular Indian influencers • Musical Parody of a popular Bollywood song • What happens in a girls college • How to be a perfect employee • #SitImproper photo contest We then invited girls to post pictures of them in ‘Improper’ sitting positions along with a story of what made them unstoppable, using the hashtags #SitImproper and #IAmUnstoppable. • Social Media: The campaign was further amplified through Girliyapa’s social media channels.

• 118 million units of Whisper sold during the campaign period. • At 1.7% nationally and 5% in modern retail within just 5 months of launch, Whisper Ultra soft witnessed the fastest ever share growth in a category launch in the last five years. • The purchase intent increased by 12 points among those aware of the campaign. • Total of 36.6 million views for the campaign, a new record for content created in the history of the feminine hygiene category in India. • Over 100 million social media impressions. • Positive conversation sentiment was 98% • Girls shared pictures of them sitting improper, garnering over 4000 posts on Instagram. • In addition, all the content videos created with Girliyapa trended on Youtube and had a phenomenal like dislike ratio of 36:1, wherein the best of branded videos have 10:1.

For the launch of our product Whisper Ultra Soft, designed for comfort during periods, we created a campaign with an empowering point of view to forge a strong connect with 18-21 year old urban girls. In a first for the category, we tied up with Girliyapa, India's largest female influencer network catering to our target audience to co-create content and push #SitImproper on social media. As a result, we got the fastest share growth in a category launch in the last five years.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

In India, it is believed that the honour of a family is dependent on how its girls behave. In fact, even how she sits – how far apart are her legs, where are her hands placed is scrutinised. Young girls had hence been conditioned to sit with their back straight, knees together, like a lady. Maintaining this stiff position was restrictive, especially when girls were on their periods and wanted to have the freedom to sit comfortably. While 18-21 year old urban girls were questioning the status quo and being vocal about it on social media, we were surprised to discover that they too were victim to this. Whisper Ultra Soft was designed to provide comfort, enabling girls to sit the way they wanted to on their periods. But for this product to be a success, we had to make our target audience challenge this conditioning in the first place.


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