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The Campaign

To make AXE the platform as an “Inspiration” to young millennials to provoke and bring out their own passion to life. We get the big idea called : AXELERATE 2.0: The Journey of Self Discovery”. That focused on Inspire, Equip and Liberate. Inspire means we want to tell that it’s a necessity to chose their own path over the conventional sterotypes. Equip means showing individuality and masculinity to pursue their passion.And last but not least, Liberate means to showcase people who already there that following their passion through self-discovery.

Creative Execution

Implementation Three are main ideas for axe, the meant to INSPIRE, EQUIP, LIBERATE their audiences Inspire: By using 3 Brand Ambassadors (Jevin Julian, Agung Hapsah, and Naufal Abshar), we Created 6 episodes directed by Angga Sasongko, showcasing their inspiring true stories of self discovery. Equip: We Created a hub to provide grooming, styling tips, lifestyle-related articles, web-series, products. We encourage audience to submit their creative ideas into 3 different passion points of music, movie, and painting. Liberate: We created an event for them to be showcased to public that they have been liberated, so it can be a networking platform for the winners to meet their role models. Timeline : Youtube Ads : July– Oct 2017 Rich Media Banner : July- Aug 2017 Placement : • Media channels: Website, SEM (Search & Display), YouTube (Mastheads & Trueview), Facebook and Instagram • Spotify: Consumer Engagement Platform – Playlist personality quiz

Reach : The content engaged with more than 13 million Indonesians, recording watch time equivalent to 39 years. View rate exceeded all existing industry benchmarks going all the way up to 61% and averaging at 40%, which were higher than last year. Engagement : Acquired 16,654 new subscribers and 11,148 shares, 4,770 new fans on Instagram, engagement of 56,096, 41,962 fans on Facebook and 4,487 posts related to our campaign Google Brand Lift Study results showed Ad recall: up to 3.2% with Brand Interest up to 191.2% Brand adlift study results (Millward Brown study) • 59% recall the ad • 39% went to website to find more information • 25% went to nearby store • 44% uplift in brand awareness (above SEA average market norms) • 9% uplift in brand consideration/purchase intent • 29% uplift in overall purchase post campaign

The campaign objective is to move brand favorability as the brand repositioning its imageries. Media selection is therefore crucial to ensure the campaign communication land to right audience, in this case, the young Indonesian male audience, at the most relevant and receptive platforms possible. Combining with media strategy that not only make people aware but also trigger them to participate with the campaign, so, Axe would not only stop at communicate but make a real impact on these Indonesian millennials.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Data Gathering and Insights : Young millennials feel trapped between new age thinking toward conventional society expectations. However some Indonesian millennials are driven by their passion to experiment more than before because they believe this is the real magic of life. They want new experiences uninhibited by societal norms in pursue of their dreams. Target Audience : We target young millenials Relevance to platform : We Go Zero TV. Challenge media stereotype thinking and provocatively focus on In-depth Millennials digital behaviour to drive contextual story telling via content and engagement. Approach : By knowing these insights mindshare created a sequential strategy that “Inspire New Positioning”, “Equip Consideration” and “Liberate Via Trials”.


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