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The Campaign

The biggest insight was the fact that people crave for unhealthy and junk food all the time and it gets very difficult to maintain weight, control cravings and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But distraction works best to take the mind away from food cravings. Thus, we created the first ever digital audio buddy to help control cravings. We recorded and published audio clips on our website that specifically helped different people deal with cravings in different ways. We divided our clips into thought via routes and used humour to distract along with expert tips to provide knowledge how cravings occur and the various ways you can beat them and riddles and puzzles to occupy the mind again distracting one from their cravings. Hence, whenever a person would crave for unhealthy food, they could come on our website and beat their cravings completely with our audios.

Creative Execution

We launched the campaign on World Health Day, 7th April and it went on for a month till about May 1. The campaign scaled throughout all digital platforms and leveraged for a month including Organic Page posts and videos on Facebook and Instagram. We reached out to maximum of consumers and Instagram bloggers talked about our campaign and shared the link to our microsite in their bio. Internal organization desktop wallpapers were changed to our campaign poster to spared awareness and stay tuned. Our targets were majorly people looking for health and fitness, on a weight loss journey or wanting to maintain their health and control their cravings. We targeted both male and female, between the ages of 20 – 45

Facebook Reach: 82,49,757 Microsite visits: 1,60,000+ Engagement: 12%+ - Return Visits Avg. Time Spent: 03:12 Sales: 500%+ rise in Sales Others: Craves controlled/Total plays: 64,000+ Whatsapp numbers received: 1,300+

The primary touchpoint for our campaign was the microsite & leveraging brand pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. The platforms targeted were relevant as users these days access social media in most of their free time which is when they watch a lot of food porn content and crave unhealthy food. Thus we created distractions to divert them from cravings. Google search, display ads, the sales channels, like Amazon and paytm, apart from our website were used too which lead to conversations and engagements. Emailers and company desktop wallpapers were also used to spread the word.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The approach was friendly, acting as a buddy to the users. It was a consumer driven campaign with the integration of Whatsapp. Users could ask queries or help at any time and we got back to them with distractions and suitable replies to their queries. The strategy was simple to reach maximum number of help with aim to help them distract themselves from such cravings.


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